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2y3k » Three kinds of exercise are beneficial to hypertensive patients. If you insist on doing it, your blood pressure will slowly drop

Three kinds of exercise are beneficial to hypertensive patients. If you insist on doing it, your blood pressure will slowly drop

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Hypertension is also a high-incidence condition at present, and when it comes to lowering blood pressure, lifestyle changes are very important.

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Exercise is one of the important ways to manage blood pressure, but many hypertensive patients wonder: What kind of exercise am I suitable for? What should I pay attention to when exercising? Don’t worry, Xiaojiu will tell you.

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Studies have shown that exercise can reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure during quietness. After a moderate-intensity aerobic exercise of more than 10 minutes, it can reduce systolic blood pressure by 10 to 25 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by 10 to 15 mm Hg. In addition, regular exercise can reduce the increase in blood pressure and the magnitude of blood pressure fluctuations.

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Therefore, proper exercise can effectively prevent hypertension, relieve mild hypertension, and as an adjunct to drug therapy to jointly treat mild to moderate hypertension.

What exercises are suitable for high blood pressure?

Hypertensive patients are suitable for jogging or brisk walking

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Hypertensive patients who have just started exercising are not recommended to do strenuous exercise at the beginning, which is not conducive to physical adaptation. Therefore, it is best to try jogging or brisk walking at the beginning. It can not only exercise the body, but also allow the body to slowly adapt. Exercise with a larger amount of exercise will be more suitable. It is very suitable as an exercise choice for hypertensive patients in the early stage.

Yoga for hypertensive patients

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Yoga exercise will not be very intense, which is very suitable for patients to exercise, especially for patients with high blood pressure. Doing strenuous exercise will increase blood pressure, which is not conducive to health preservation. Yoga can stretch your limbs during exercise, meditate and relax your emotions. It can control the increase in blood pressure well, and regular yoga exercise can also lower blood pressure. It is also very beneficial for hypertensive patients.

Hypertensive patients are suitable for swimming

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Swimming is also very suitable for hypertensive patients. During swimming, all parts of the body can be exercised, which can also activate the heart, increase the tolerance of the heart, and improve blood pressure, especially for the elderly. Therefore, hypertensive patients can swim more every day. Exercise.

Precautions for exercise in patients with chronic diseases

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Not only high blood pressure, but people with chronic diseases need to pay attention to some details when exercising, so as not to hurt their bodies. Let’s talk about it below.

(1) Don’t eat too much or exercise when you are very hungry

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If you eat too much, the digestion of the stomach will always work. At this time, the blood in the body will also flow to the digestive system to participate in digestion. If you exercise at this time, the blood will stay in the motor system, but the blood in the body is limited. Reduced blood in the digestive system will lead to slower digestion, hinder the digestion of the intestines, and easily indigestion.

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In addition, eating too much exercise is prone to dizziness and nausea, especially in patients with high blood pressure, which is prone to increased blood pressure. When exercising too hungry, the blood sugar in the body is low, and it is also prone to dizziness. Therefore, patients can eat some food appropriately half an hour before exercising, but not too much.

(2) Drink water in time after exercise for high blood pressure

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After exercise, the body will sweat a lot, especially in hot weather, it will sweat more than other times, so you should replenish water in time during and after exercise, especially for hypertensive patients. Drinking more water is also beneficial to inhibit blood pressure. Elevated, but it is recommended to drink water and reduce drinking high-sugar beverages.

(3) Do not eat immediately after exercise

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The consumption of physical strength after exercise can easily make people feel hungry, but even so, you can’t eat immediately after exercise. This is because a large amount of blood will stay in our exercise system after exercise. When eating at this time, the blood cannot flow immediately to our digestive system to help participate in digestion, which can easily lead to indigestion after eating. It is very damaging to the stomach and is not conducive to good health. The most suitable time is to eat one hour after exercise.

(4) Do not drink frozen beverages after exercise

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Many people like to drink frozen beverages to relieve fever after exercising. In fact, this approach is wrong. This is because exercise makes the body hot, and the temperature of the organs of the whole body will also increase. The same is true for the stomach. Drinking frozen beverages at this time will stimulate the stomach, damage the gastric mucosa, and affect the digestion of the stomach. In addition, such hot and cold stimulation will also increase the blood pressure of hypertensive patients, which is not conducive to health preservation for a long time.

(5) Do not take a shower immediately after exercising

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You can’t take a bath immediately after exercising, and it’s not good to take a hot bath. This is because after exercising, the blood vessels of the skin are in an open state, and the blood pressure will also become low. If you take a cold shower at this time, it is easy to cause the blood vessels of the skin to suddenly constrict, and the blood pressure will suddenly rise, which will increase the burden on the heart. Taking a hot bath will also stimulate the re-expansion of blood vessels in the skin, and the blood pressure will also drop, which can easily lead to cerebral ischemia, which is also very dangerous.

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