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2y3k » What are the benefits of slapping your body?

What are the benefits of slapping your body?

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There are many ways to maintain health, but they have a common purpose, that is to prolong life. Different health preservation methods have different effects on the human body. Patting these parts can prevent many diseases. So, what are the benefits of patting the body? Let’s take a look!

  1. Slap the neck

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The importance of the neck is self-evident. As the part of the body that supports the head, the neck can well distinguish and analyze the commands sent by the brain. The neck is also the part of the body that is rich in meridians, blood vessels, arteries and veins. Papping the neck and massaging the neck can obtain different effects. Office workers will feel back pain after sitting for a long time, and the neck will also feel stiff. Massaging the neck can effectively promote blood circulation in the head. It can be a good treatment for stiff neck and neck pain. The most important thing is that when massaging the neck, it can make the blood in the brain more abundant, which can effectively delay aging.

  1. Pat on the abdomen

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The abdomen is the location of the main organs in the body, and we do a good job of health care for it in peacetime. And patting the abdomen is actually an important health care action in life. By patting the abdomen, it can effectively help the body lose weight, which is helpful for the blood flow of the abdomen. When massaging the abdomen, it can effectively promote the metabolism of the bladder, which is very effective for the discharge of toxins.

  1. Slap the arm

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Hand internal test is a walking path that belongs to the three ** veins of the hand. The lung meridian, heart meridian, pericardial meridian meridian can connect the viscera, play a role in prevention and health care, and can also play a role in regulating the meridians and collaterals in the surface. Flapping the arm mainly relieves the shoulder and arm acid, numbness, pain, fascia nodules, weakness or unblocked blood caused by the cervical spine. It has a good auxiliary effect on the swelling and pain of the wrist and fingers caused by rheumatoid. After slapping, you will feel very tired, weak, and have swelling and pain or scaling.

  1. Slap on the face

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In real life, many people’s skin looks very bad. Dark wrinkles, rough skin, and no elasticity are the states of many people’s skin now. If such skin states are not adjusted, it will affect their health. As far as office workers are concerned, prolonged exposure to computers will make office workers look very bad. The radiation from computers is very harmful to the skin. The skin is no longer elastic, and the wrinkles are constant, which makes many office workers heartbroken.

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The above is the sharing of the benefits of slapping the body. But it should be noted that when slapping, you must pay attention to the appropriate strength, and do not over-stimulate the soft tissue, otherwise it will easily lead to subcutaneous bleeding, which will backfire. Hope it helps everyone!

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