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2y3k » What are the other signs of bowel cancer? Beware of these symptoms

What are the other signs of bowel cancer? Beware of these symptoms

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  1. Easy blood in the stool

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When bowel cancer occurs, many people will have a signal of blood in the stool, which is a more obvious symptom. Because the tumor volume gradually increases during the development of bowel cancer, there may be rupture and bleeding of the tumor itself, damage to the intestinal mucosa, and bleeding. The feces and the lost blood are mixed with each other, and black, tar-like feces are prone to appear.

  1. Frequent abdominal pain

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If you often feel abdominal pain, you need to pay great attention. Because abdominal pain is obviously a signal of bowel cancer, intestinal function is impaired during the development of bowel cancer. In addition to the reduced digestive capacity, the volume of malignant tumors in many people will gradually increase with the development of the disease.

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If the surrounding tissues, nerves, etc. are compressed, the pain is more obvious. Therefore, often feeling abdominal pain is obviously not to be ignored, and it may also be a signal of the emergence of intestinal malignant tumors.

  1. Changes in bowel habits

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Many adverse symptoms will be more obvious when bowel cancer occurs. If there is a change in bowel habits, it cannot be ruled out that it is a signal of bowel cancer. When the body is healthy, there will be one or two bowel movements every day. Many people’s bowel habits have changed, and they are prone to alternating symptoms of diarrhea and constipation.

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This situation cannot be ignored. It may be a signal sent by bowel cancer, which needs to be treated in a reasonable way, so as to prevent serious intestinal malignant tumors. To sum up, many symptoms will come to the door when bowel cancer appears. When the signal appears, it cannot be ignored, and it needs to be improved in a reasonable way, so as to reduce the risk of disease.

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