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2y3k » 22 Super Practical Interpersonal Skills

22 Super Practical Interpersonal Skills

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I believe that everyone has this experience: the most difficult thing to live as a human being is not to make a living, but to communicate.

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Indeed, nine times out of ten, the confusion and troubles of the road of life arise from dealing with people.

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Those losses and detours that have been suffered in interpersonal communication could have been avoided earlier.

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These 22 practical social tips, hidden under the rules of human nature, no one says it, but they are important.

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Help you gain high-quality relationships that will benefit you for a lifetime, and achieve better life growth and breakthroughs.

When talking to people, be sure to wait for the person to finish speaking

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Interrupting others can easily lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and contradictions.

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The ancients said: “The wise man thinks first and then speaks, and the fool speaks first and then thinks.”

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Smart people do not speak, but listen and think first, and then express their opinions.

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This is not only a performance of high emotional intelligence, but also a kind of cultivation.

Learn to use polite words such as “thank you”, “sorry”, “you’re welcome” and “it’s okay”

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In the end, people get along with each other, not by appearance, but by character.

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Language civilization is a person’s best “education card”.

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People who often talk about “thank you” are more affectionate and grateful.

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And the sentence “it doesn’t matter” is more tolerant and open-minded.

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Respect is mutual, you respect others, others will respect you.

When others laugh at themselves, you have to support it in turn, not step on it

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Many people like to use “self-deprecation” to resolve dilemmas.

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The subtext behind it is “Come and refute me, and praise me by the way”, rather than making you mock along.

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Learn to respond to others’ self-deprecation with a word of encouragement, which not only reconciles the atmosphere, but also warms people’s hearts.

Order generously at the table, don’t say “whatever”

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The details of ordering food can best tell a person’s character.

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If you are coy and perfunctory and say “whatever”, it is easy-going on the surface, but in fact it gives people a feeling of no opinion, no position, or even unwillingness to participate.

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Remember a social principle: never keep silent when you need to make a choice.

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Do not pass the buck, do not refuse, generous people, more comfortable.

Don’t keep your head down and play with your phone during parties and dinners

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Collective activities are meant to involve everyone.

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If you keep your head down and play with your phone, it will make people feel that you are forced to “socialize”, and it will also make others feel that they are not well taken care of and embarrassed.

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Put down your phone, communicate with others more, listen and participate more, this is a kind of courtesy.

Never trade secrets for a friend

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When you tell a secret to another person, it means you are caught in a passive situation of interpersonal communication.

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Friendship in exchange for secrets can only be built on secrets. Once the secret is no longer a secret, the friendship will inevitably break down.

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Trying to exchange secrets for friendship can only lead to a lesson in the end.

Do your best, don’t stand on tiptoe to help

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Do what you can to help people, don’t slap your face and make you fat, and be too brave.

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If you don’t help in this way, you won’t get the gratitude of others, but you will complain.

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Chang Shi Enze will make people feel your sincerity and enthusiasm more.

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Mastering the proportions will make your efforts more valuable.

Don’t let yourself become a source of negative energy

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People’s negative emotions are like a black hole, which will absorb the energy of those around them.

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No matter how good a relationship is, it will become “severely damaged” because of the continuous supply of energy to you.

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Complaining about your own pain, grievances and misfortunes will only increase the pressure on others and will not really solve the problem.

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Be a peaceful and positive person, and more people will be willing to approach you.

Chat as much as possible to others, don’t get high

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When talking to people, don’t chatter and always dominate a conversation.

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An important communication principle in interpersonal communication: Let others be the protagonists of the conversation.

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Learning to give others stubble is the best strategy to release goodwill and win goodwill.

A clear and concise rejection is better than a euphemism

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When interacting with people, there must be clear self-boundaries.

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If you don’t want to agree to the other party’s request, you must refuse it neatly.

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Don’t use a vague attitude and find some euphemisms, which will delay others and consume yourself.

Don’t make decisions for others

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Everyone is independent, and even in a close relationship, many things are inconvenient to intervene in.

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This is the boundary and tacit understanding between friends.

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You can give care and advice, but don’t make decisions for others casually, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to the other party.

Keep your distance from friends of friends

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Everyone has their own Moments, which are protected and do not want to be invaded by others.

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Therefore, there is an unspoken rule in interpersonal communication: you must keep your distance from friends of friends.

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Otherwise, one’s possessiveness is stimulated, and the boat of friendship is turned over.

It is rude to break the joy of others

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When someone is in high spirits to share their joy with you, be sure to speak to the other person’s emotions.

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Instead of pouring down a basin of cold water, Tu is quick to speak for a while, so that others can’t get off the stage.

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Talents who speak well and know how to be considerate of others are the most worthy of deep friendship.

Respond to other people’s messages in a timely manner

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The way to see a person clearly is nothing more than seeing the big from the small and knowing the small.

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“Reply in time” is actually a very small but very important detail in interpersonal communication.

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A simple “received” “OK”, or an emoji, a string of punctuation marks.

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In fact, it doesn’t take a few seconds, but it can make people feel your sincerity and reliability.

Don’t show off your abilities, but don’t hide your strength either

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The foundation of a person’s life is nothing more than two things: low-key life and high-profile work.

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People who are truly capable do not show off their abilities, but they do not hide their strength.

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If you can not show the mountains and dew, you can be unknown, but you can also be brave and resourceful and courageous.

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As the saying goes: Don’t cause trouble when you have nothing to do, and don’t be afraid of trouble when you come.

Be wary of exaggerated courtesies to others

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There is a saying that I agree with:

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“There is no sudden good in this world, there are only other purposes and needs.”

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It sounds a bit scheming, but it is a warning light in interpersonal communication.

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If something goes wrong, there will be demons, and there may also be cannonballs under the sugar coating.

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Learn to observe and think, and protect your own interests and safety.

Remember that human nature has an AB side

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There is no absolute good or bad in human nature.

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In peace, the human nature you see may be on the good side.

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Once there is a conflict of interest, the undercurrent hidden under the calm sea will leave you at a loss.

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Keep an eye on everything, understand the good of human nature, and understand the evil of human nature.

Be slow to communicate with people, and be quick to break up with people

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In interpersonal relationships, the most difficult thing to control is distance, and the most difficult thing to master is timing.

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When interacting with people, don’t get acquainted too quickly. Seeing each other’s person clearly and then communicating with each other is to protect yourself.

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To break up with people, you don’t have to be too nostalgic. To forgive a person without a bottom line is to be irresponsible to yourself.

To know how to be courteous

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A long-term relationship, like the mountain Ming Valley should, know each other with one heart, you cast it with a wooden peach, and I will repay it with Qiongyao.

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Remember the good of others, recite the grace of others, and cultivate your own virtues.

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A person who knows how to be grateful and repay his kindness will win the sincerity of others.

Appropriately “trouble” others

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Compared to helping others, when you trouble others, you make them feel needed.

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This psychological satisfaction will make them more willing to help you.

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The connection between people is precisely created in mutual troubles.

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Make yourself a little more “troublesome” and you will be more popular.

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Interpersonal communication is “informal” and should not be too sensitive

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Have you ever had such an experience:

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With one look, one action, and one sentence, others began to think wildly, and even tossed and turned.

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Repeating in my head, does he have a problem with me? Did something happen?

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Added a lot of trouble.

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In fact, when interacting with people, don’t be too sensitive, sluggishness is sometimes a virtue.

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Learning to be “informal” will also make people around you feel easy to get along with you, and you will also reduce a lot of troubles yourself.

True temperament is more popular than careful calculation

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When dealing with interpersonal relationships, many people like to make careful arrangements and go step by step.

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But in fact, these visible thoughts will not win the favor of others.

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On the contrary, those who live with individuality and are brave enough to be themselves tend to be more popular.

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Although there are thousands of rules in interpersonal communication, the core principle is: you want to enjoy the happiness brought by interpersonal relationships.

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Instead of suppressing yourself everywhere and wronging yourself.

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Live a little more real temperament, a little more comfortable, is the real social master.

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Building interpersonal relationships is a process of digging a well, paying a little sweat and getting a steady stream of wealth.

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In interpersonal communication, we continue to grow and mature, enrich ourselves and fill our lives.

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When you reach a certain age, you realize that the best interpersonal rule is to make others comfortable and make yourself comfortable.

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