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2y3k » What does it mean when a woman doesn’t take a stand on your confession?

What does it mean when a woman doesn’t take a stand on your confession?

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Confessing to a woman, the result is “no statement”. This kind of silence and uncertainty is a torment for men.

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At this moment, the man’s heart is mixed, and many thoughts will arise. For example: Could it be that the timing is wrong? Another example: Could it be that he did something wrong?

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There are naturally reasons why a woman doesn’t take a stand. From a woman’s point of view, she has to examine you. In addition, she has her own concerns. Or she doesn’t like you. There are many factors that can affect her attitude. And this kind of non-statement is actually an attitude.

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We can understand it as: she is still thinking for the time being. To borrow a saying: no news is the best news. At this moment, men should be more calm.

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This is a logical analysis. The specific situation, how can we find the reason behind this? Regarding this question, you can find the answer from two general directions. One is yourself; the other is the other.

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From its own perspective, it is mainly divided into several reasons.

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The first is that the timing of your confession is wrong. For example, you haven’t been chasing for long. The second is that the way of confession is wrong. For example, women don’t like too lively environment, but you choose to confess in public. The third is that there is a problem with the confession. For example, your statement caused the woman’s suspicion. The fourth is that you are too cliché. For example, there is no favorite, not romantic enough.

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Some men are not paid attention to. They are not prepared accordingly. And confessing this matter is related to the improvement of each other’s feelings. From your own point of view, you need to prepare accordingly.

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Of course, this is another story. When this situation occurs, look at your own problems first. The aspects listed above are not complete. The specific situation faced by everyone is different. Therefore, it should be carefully analyzed from an objective point of view.

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From a woman’s point of view, there are mainly the following factors.

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One is that women can’t make decisions for the time being. For example, she doesn’t know enough about you. The second is that women don’t like you. For example, she hasn’t figured out how to reject you yet. The third is the test that a woman deliberately sets on you. For example, she wants to see how you deal with the situation. The fourth is that a woman is hesitant. For example, she doesn’t know who to choose.

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A woman’s non-expression has her own thinking. And every woman has different requirements for her other half. They will think about this issue from their own mate selection criteria.

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When this situation appeared, she also had doubts deep in her heart. Women need time to think about it. Based on this perspective, what a man needs to do is to maintain the status quo.

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Through these two general directions, we can roughly know why this situation occurs. And it is relatively easy to find the specific reason. But then, we need to know, what should we do?

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To deal with this situation, we mainly abide by these principles.

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The first is to give women some time to think; the second is to reflect on whether there is a problem with their pursuit; the third is to maintain the rhythm of the previous pursuit; the fourth is not to be cranky; the fifth is to re-establish self-confidence. Do something from these aspects, and we will not be so confused.

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The process of men pursuing women is a process of self-improvement. For example, we solve this problem. From a certain point of view, it improves one’s ability to love. A person’s ability to love is obtained in this way. As the saying goes: How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? Falling in love is not something that happens overnight. After dealing with some things, you will naturally know.

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Self-improvement is the backing for us to pursue women. In the process of pursuit, constantly improve yourself. From a certain point of view, it is a harvest.

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We come back to this topic. When we find the specific cause, it becomes easier to find the solution. And then, we follow this line of thinking to solve the problem, and we can get the answer we want.

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