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2y3k » 8 Emotional Intelligence Speaking Skills

8 Emotional Intelligence Speaking Skills

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The so-called high emotional intelligence means that you can speak. Emotional intelligence and speaking are closely linked and reflect each other.

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If you master the speaking skills of high emotional intelligence, you will be popular everywhere, and you will get twice the result with half the effort when you do things. If you speak with beautiful words, you will succeed in the world; if your emotional intelligence is too low, it will not only make you annoying as a person, but also easy to do things. Smashed, it will be farther and farther away from success.

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Here are 8 high emotional intelligence speaking skills that will last you a lifetime.

  1. Use your “mouth” to move other people’s “legs”.

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Just move your “mouth” to move other people’s legs, which is a skill that relies on words to do things. A person with high emotional intelligence will pay special attention to using polite language when making requests to others, maintaining the other party’s face and taking care of their wishes. Because he knows that speaking beautifully is the stepping stone to getting things done well, which can make the other party inadvertently open up to you and help you get things done, that is, being able to speak well and do things well.

  1. Humor is the highest level of emotional intelligence.

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Humor is not only a speaking skill, but also an attitude towards life. Humorous people can make fun of the small depressions in life and the big ups and downs in life. No matter the good times and adversity, they can find the small tastes of life in them. Interest, and when you encounter embarrassment in interpersonal communication, it can easily help you resolve it.

  1. Praise at the right time, and things are easy to do with a “sweet” mouth.

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Everyone wants to be praised by others, and everyone has an expectation for others, hopes to be respected, and hopes that their due status and honor will be affirmed and consolidated. Therefore, as long as your mouth is “sweet” and you give praise to others at the right time, it will definitely be of great benefit to things, to yourself, and to others.

  1. Bravely open the “golden” mouth and break the silence.

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If you encounter a bad silence when doing things, you must find the entry point, open the “golden” mouth bravely, and break it. Don’t let it go, it will make things worse. There are usually two basic requirements for breaking the silence: one is to deeply analyze the real reasons for the silence; the other is to not give the other party a sense of oppression in the process of breaking the silence. Only by subtly breaking the silence can it reflect high emotional intelligence, which can bring both parties the enthusiasm for language communication and the pleasure of socializing.

  1. Criticism pays attention to art, so that “good medicine is not bitter”.

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As the saying goes: “Good medicine is bitter, but good advice is good for action.” But in real life, this is not exactly the case. Almost everyone loves to hear praise and is reluctant to listen to criticism. The main reason is that people do not understand the method of criticism and are not good at grasping the art of criticism. If criticism can achieve the state of “good medicine is not bitter”, it can be regarded as a manifestation of true emotional intelligence.

  1. Small talk is sometimes the most emotional intelligence test.

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Small talk is the beginning of a deep conversation. People like to deal with people who “can talk”. If you work hard on small talk and use this skill flexibly, you will become a popular person and have a better chance of showing yourself in full.

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Chatting is also a mining of your own resources, which tests people’s knowledge and cultural level. In addition to the issues you are most concerned about and interested in, you should reserve more information about “chatting” with others. These materials should be relaxed, interesting, and easy to attract the attention of others.

  1. Speak bluntly, but don’t be outspoken.

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In social situations, being eloquent and eloquent is certainly what many people yearn for. However, if your mouth is open, if you miss your mouth, and if you say the wrong thing, it is difficult to remedy it. Therefore, you can speak bluntly, but you should pay attention to “taboo”, not without scruples, and your mouth is open.

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Otherwise, it is impolite to let others down because of careless words, or to screw things up, and it is also a sign of low emotional intelligence, because unscrupulous words may not be out of your heart, but it will often Let others have a bad influence on you.

  1. Bravely refuse, don’t let embarrassment hurt you.

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A basic principle of high emotional intelligence speaking is: when you refuse, you must have the courage to refuse, and don’t let face hurt you.

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Everyone should have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and you have every right to refuse what others ask you to do and you don’t want to do, especially when you know you don’t have the ability or time to help others, even if you are your best confidant, dearest relatives, you should also express your refusal.

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If you feel embarrassed to reject others for the sake of face, so you agree to other people’s requests, then you have to wait for troubles and pains to come!

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