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2y3k » Is heart failure serious? 4 health care methods to deal with heart failure

Is heart failure serious? 4 health care methods to deal with heart failure

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Many people know that heart failure is a serious disease, so what is heart failure? Heart failure is a variety of structural or functional diseases of the heart, resulting in ventricular filling or impaired ejection function, cardiac output cannot meet the metabolic needs of the body’s tissues, with pulmonary circulation or systemic circulation congestion, and organ tissue hypoperfusion as clinical manifestations of a group of syndromes, mainly manifested as breathing difficulties, limited physical activity and fluid retention. Cardiac insufficiency or cardiac dysfunction is theoretically a broader concept. Cardiac insufficiency with clinical symptoms is called heart failure, or heart failure for short. Heart failure is a serious disease that needs to be treated in the hospital as soon as possible. The following is a brief introduction to several health care methods for heart failure:

  1. Keep the air fresh and the environment quiet: open windows regularly every day for ventilation, but avoid air convection to prevent patients from catching a cold. The temperature and humidity are suitable. Generally, pay attention to keeping warm in winter. The room temperature is 22 ° C~ 24 ° C, and the humidity is 50%~ 60%.
  2. Maintain a happy mood and adequate sleep: do a good job in psychological adjustment, improve self-control, live carefully, live a regular life, and eat a light diet, mainly high in vitamins, low in calories, low in salt, and small meals. Women of childbearing age pay attention to contraception.
  3. Exercise: Avoid strenuous exercise. Rest can reduce the load on the heart and relieve symptoms, including physical and mental rest, and choose exercise that is slow and not too hard, such as walking, jogging, qigong, Taijiquan, etc. Cardiac function level I, unrestricted activity; cardiac function level II, restricted activity, proper rest; cardiac function level III, bed rest; cardiac function level IV, absolute bed rest.
  4. Long-term bedridden patients: Do deep breathing exercises frequently, and help and encourage physical activities, especially the lower extremities, to prevent muscle atrophy. Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of venous embolism, bedsores, and constipation. You can massage the whole body with safflower oil and turn over frequently. Generally, turn over once every 2h, and the sheets should be clean and wrinkle-free. Eat more vegetables and fruits, keep the stool unobstructed, and quit smoking and drinking at the same time.

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