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2y3k » 20 practical work tips, read them first

20 practical work tips, read them first

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Work is an important part of adult life. It allows us to stand in society and inevitably brings us some troubles. Today, I would like to share with you a set of tips about work and interpersonal communication, hoping to help you improve the pleasure of work.

01 Say less “but”

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Although “but” does not mean malice, it is better to say less. For example, the other party tells you “that store is good”, but you say “but this store is better”. In my opinion, the reason why you make this move is because your cognition is threatened, and you seem to not want to accept the other party’s opinion at all.

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Excellent people will become candid with age. No matter what they say, they will listen humbly with a heart of admiration. When you hear that there are good things, you will have the courage to try them; when you hear that there are good movies, you will actively watch them. It is because of this candor that you will gain more and more.

02 Please attach your thoughts when thanking you.

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When saying thank you to the other person, please add some feelings. For example, when you receive a snack, you can reply to the other person and say: Because it was so delicious, the whole family talked and laughed while drinking tea and tasting the snack you gave. With just such a short sentence, the other party can imagine the happy scene of you and your family.

03 Say each other’s names

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When talking to people, you can add the other person’s name to the conversation, and promote the topic while calling the other person’s name. For people who meet for the first time, the other party will be happy because we remember his name. For people who know each other, the other party will have a sense of recognition, such as “Really, so-and-so”, just insert the name naturally into the conversation like this. It is an adult communication etiquette that can bring pleasure to others.

04 Quick reply will bring good luck

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Please make “reply as soon as possible” one of the important principles of your work. In order to become a quick-response agile person, start adjusting yourself at ordinary times! The behavior of “procrastinating for a long time without giving an answer” is easy to miss an opportunity, because good luck and good opportunity are closely linked, and quick reply is the key.

05 Master the information sharing technique of “report, contact and consultation”

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In daily work, most of the work is carried out in a team way, and the working mode of the team is that the members work together, so please remember to share the information at hand with the people around you. In order not to make others feel uneasy because they don’t know the situation, please learn to “report” first; in order not to make others feel unhappy because they have been left behind, please learn to “connect” first; in order not to worry others, please learn to “discuss” first. All in all, “report, contact, discuss” is an excellent information sharing technique.

06 Clearly express your praise and approval

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For those who work with you, please first explore and praise each other’s strengths, praise each other for what they are doing, and appreciate each other’s past performance and achievements. The words of praise should be clearly expressed. This is not only the secret of teamwork, but also an important principle in dealing with interpersonal relationships.

07 Criticism should be short and powerful

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Being severely criticized can be depressing and hurtful, and not being criticized at all can seem unsettling. If you have juniors or subordinates, you might as well give them a little reminder or advice from time to time, but it is worth noting that in order not to hurt their self-esteem, please use short, reassuring words, such as “Look carefully”.

08 Sell yourself

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The most important thing in the work is to improve one’s own credit and discover one’s own value. “Before you sell something, please sell yourself first”, this sentence is indeed very reasonable. If you can win the trust of the other party, no matter what kind of work will be smoother.

09 Inspiration with writing

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Inspiration is something harder to grasp than fluttering feathers. In order not to let it fly elsewhere, inspiration and ideas can be recorded in words. Once written on paper, inspiration can be visualized, and the direction in which the work should be advanced also becomes more concrete.

10 things you don’t usually do

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If you encounter difficulties, intractable things and can’t do anything about them, it means you are stuck in a “maze of problems”. In order to escape the maze, you can try to go to places you don’t usually go and do things you don’t usually do, such as going horseback riding, going to a game hall you haven’t been to in ten years, buying a sweater in a color you haven’t worn beforeā€¦ Rejuvenate your mind by changing your mood, and even if the problem is not solved, you may be able to figure it out.

11 Have a safe haven of your own

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Everyone needs a place to recharge and calm themselves, and a place to meditate and relax. Whether it is your home, a park bench, a bookstore, a cafe, or a walking trail, please find a “safe haven”. It is also good to be in a daze in your own safe haven occasionally.

12 Insist on being the source of sharing information

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Discover for yourself, work hard for yourself, and publish for yourself. These three points are the basic gestures of creating “self-worth”. Whether you play social networking sites or not, once you have learned something from your personal experience, please quickly share it and actively communicate with others. Now is the era of information expansion, and the information we collect, the efforts we make, and the impassioned proposals will all become precious first-hand accounts.

13 Know your own “sweet spot”

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There is no such thing as 100% hits at work, so don’t throw all the balls, instead know your “sweet spot”. Before doing something, determine whether it is what you are good at, whether it is helpful to society, whether it meets the expectations of the other party, and then accurately pitch the ball and hit the target. If you reluctantly say “I can do anything”, it also means declaring “I can’t do anything”.

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(Sweet spot: derived from golf professional language, the original meaning is the most powerful point for hitting the ball on the club head of a golf club. The club head of each club has a best landing point that is most suitable for hitting the ball, and can collide with the ball to create the most “sweet” beautiful feeling, so it is called “sweet spot”.)

14 Practice is not angry

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Everyone has a small pool of emotions in their body. When they are angry, the pool water splashes; when their self-esteem is injured, the pool water churns violently; when their important areas are violated, the pool water rises and falls. However, will the problem be solved because you are angry? Please make “not angry” a compulsory course every day. As the ancients said, count dull words from one to ten, and wait for the small pool in the body to return to calm.

15 from the countdown

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Work without deadlines is not called work. Regardless of whether others have set deadlines or not, you must take the initiative to set a deadline for yourself, count down from that day, and filter what to do. The practice of setting deadlines on the basis of fully considering “how many days will it take to do this thing” is worthy of respect. Once the timeline is clearly visible, thinking and action will become efficient.

16 Do not lower the standard

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I think I’d be disappointed if a regular shop that makes good coffee served me an average cup of coffee. The store, the job, the people, all have their own standards, and maintaining a certain level is the performance of a professional. While lowering the standard can sometimes make it easier, it also loses the fun and challenge.

17 Learn about what is being judged by the world

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Food, goods, services, culture, technology, whether you are interested or not, you should know what the world thinks about these things, because this is also one of the knowledge reserves of your work. Only by understanding the current level can you turn it into inspiration for work and increase your enthusiasm for work. Newspapers are a good source of information, and chatting with friends is also a good way.

18 When you ask for something, you must have the awareness of being rejected

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When asking others to do things, you need to leave room for rejection by the other party. Although it is difficult to do, this is one of the etiquette of communication. If the relationship between the two parties is not harmonious because the other party rejects the matter in front of you, it is putting the cart before the horse. Therefore, if you have something to ask for, it is better to use your imagination and communicate with people with seven points of enthusiasm and three points of thoughtfulness.

19 Take courage to escape

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No matter what happens, the mentality of perseverance is victory is very important, but don’t give up the way out of running, and take out the courage to run away when you have to. Even if it is embarrassing, you will be laughed at as a coward, and you will be hated by others, and you still have to run away. Of course, the escape here refers to the situation that our physiological intuition tells us that we must escape after seeing the situation very rationally. This “escape” not only allows us to save our “life”, but also gives us the opportunity to protect the people we cherish.

20 not hearsay

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Who is “everyone” in “everyone says yes”? How many people are “many people” in “many people are troubled”? Those information and online rumors that you overhear may only be the voices of a few people, and it is very dangerous to speak based on atmosphere or feeling alone. In order to appear convincing and pretend to be proficient, spreading hearsay without thinking will only lead to more and more misunderstandings. Therefore, before spreading information, please carefully consider whether the information is accurate.

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