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2y3k » 20 Life Tips, Simple and Practical

20 Life Tips, Simple and Practical

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In daily life, we often encounter many small problems, which are very troublesome. But in fact, many small tricks in life can solve the problem quickly. Here are 20 practical life tips to make life more convenient for you and your family.

  1. Wave a towel dipped in vinegar indoors, or light two candles to eliminate the smell of smoke in the room.
  2. Apply toothpaste to gauze and wipe the glass, which will make the glass bright as new.
  3. The mirror surface is particularly easy to get ash. You can try to apply the mirror surface with newspaper, which can not only remove dust, but also save time and effort.
  4. Stubborn tea stains can be dipped in a small amount of salt with your fingers, gently rubbed on the teacup, rubbed several times repeatedly, and washed away with water.
  5. When the rice cooker cooks, soak the raw rice first and then cook it, which can shorten the cooking time and save electricity.
  6. If the collar and cuffs are dirty, you can soak the clothes in warm water with washing powder for 15-20 minutes, and then wash them normally.
  7. Add enough water when cooking dumplings. After the water boils, add 2% salt, and then add dumplings after dissolving, which can increase the toughness of gluten. The dumplings will not stick to the skin or the bottom, and the color of the dumplings will become white., soup clear dumplings fragrance.
  8. Tips for frying fresh shrimp: Before frying fresh shrimp, you can scald the shrimp with boiling water soaked in cinnamon, and then fry it, so that the fried shrimp will taste more delicious.
  9. When boiling eggs, you can soak the eggs in cold water for a while, and then cook them in hot water, so that the cooked egg shell will not crack and is easy to peel off.
  10. When frying steamed bread slices, first soak the steamed bread slices in cold water, and then fry them in a pot, so that the fried steamed bread slices are burnt and crispy, which is delicious and fuel-efficient.
  11. No matter how clean the indoor toilet is, it often leaves a stench. As long as a small cup of balsamic vinegar is placed in the toilet, the stench will disappear. Its valid period is six or seven days and can be changed once a week.
  12. Put a few slices of lemon peel and orange peel in the washing water, or drop a few drops of vinegar to eliminate the odor on dishes and other tableware. At the same time, it can also soften hard water and increase the luster of the porcelain.
  13. Bread and biscuits should not be stored together. Bread contains more moisture, and biscuits are generally dry and crisp. If the two are stored together, the bread will become hard, and the biscuits will lose their crispness due to moisture.
  14. When cooking meat, if you want to make the soup delicious, you should put the meat in cold water and cook it slowly; if you want to make the meat delicious, you should cook the meat in hot water.
  15. Skillfully remove the dust in the gaps of household appliances: A lot of dust often accumulates in the gaps of household appliances, and it is not suitable to wipe it with a cloth. It is very convenient to use the waste brush to remove the dust in the gaps.
  16. Soak the vegetable leaves in light salt water. When the bugs are stimulated by the salt, they will quickly separate from the vegetable leaves. Due to the large specific gravity of the salt water, the bugs will float on the water surface and can easily be poured out of the basin.
  17. After the stove is stained with oil, you can apply sticky rice soup on the stove. After the rice soup scabs dry, scrape lightly with wooden chopsticks or plastic sheets, and the oil will be removed along with the rice soup scabs.
  18. For honey that has crystallized, you can twist it by hand. The sticky and sticky honey is real honey. After the crystalline part with sugar is twisted, it is still granular. It feels like the hand is broken and not sticky; for liquid honey, drop a drop of honey on a napkin. On the paper, if it is blotted, it means that the water content in the honey is relatively high.
  19. Tomatoes can be scalded with boiling water, and the skin is easy to peel off.
  20. Potato sprouts contain toxic alkaloids, which can cause abdominal pain and dizziness when eaten. If you put an apple in the potato pile, you can greatly delay the germination time.

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