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2y3k » 13 life tips, clothes can’t just be washed with water

13 life tips, clothes can’t just be washed with water

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Discover life tips around you.

  1. When swimming in summer, it is very embarrassing if the bath towel falls off. I will teach you. You just need to wrap it around your waist, and then roll it out twice. No matter how you jump, it will not fall off again.
  2. Have you found that the wind blowing out of the fan in summer is hot air? Teach you a trick, prepare a larger container, fill it with ice cubes, and then just put it in front of the fan, so that the wind blowing out is very cool.
  3. Put a little melt glue on the food can and fix a baseball. When we go to the beach to play, we can put some valuables such as mobile phones, money, keys, etc. into it, and then bury it directly in the beach.
  4. Don’t just wash clothes with clean water. I will teach you a method. Prepare a container, add edible salt in it. Salt can not only sterilize and disinfect, but also play a role in fixing color. Then pour free white vinegar. White vinegar can soften dirt and make clothes wash more cleanly. Then add a few drops of toilet water. The toilet water has the effect of removing mites, which can remove mites on clothes or sheets. Then add laundry detergent. We pour a small amount of water, stir them evenly with chopsticks, pour the made cleaning liquid directly into the washing machine box, and then turn on the washing machine for cleaning mode. After cleaning, The clothes are very clean.
  5. Pistachios are delicious, but almost no one will peel them. Are you still picking them with your fingernails? In fact, the easiest way is to gently pry them with their own shell, which is full of pulp.
  6. Tear off the mother’s sanitary napkin and stick it under the armpits of the clothes. It is easy to sweat under the armpits in summer. After having the sanitary napkin, it can absorb sweat well.
  7. Tie the cable ties on the transparent glue, and after removing the excess part, the transparent glue can be easily broken without scissors.
  8. When hanging clothes, the clothes slip off because the hanger is too slippery. You can put rubber bands on both sides. Due to the increased friction, no matter how you shake it, it will not fall off again.
  9. Use a knife to draw a knife in the middle of the milk powder protective layer, and draw a cross on the side. The spoon after scooping the milk powder can be placed on it well.
  10. Put a layer of plastic wrap on the lid of the canned food, close the plastic wrap, and press it with your hand. Does this meat pie look more appetizing?
  11. The screw can’t be screwed. We can easily take it off by dripping a little hot melt glue on it.
  12. Is it more convenient to use it to wash dishes by opening a small opening next to the scouring cloth and stuffing the dishwashing soap fragments in?
  13. How long has the screen window of your home not been cleaned? It is full of thick dust. Today, I will teach you a small coup for cleaning the screen window. First, prepare a container to squeeze detergent into it, and then pour it with free toilet water. Finally, pour in a little white vinegar, add warm water to dilute it, install it in a watering can, just spray it on the screen window, you can see that the dirt on it has slowly begun to fall off. We evenly spray the solution on the screen window and then stand still for five minutes. When the time is up, wipe it with a damp rag, so that the decomposed dirt will be adsorbed on the towel, clean the rag with clean water, and then Wipe the screen window again, and finally we use a paper towel to check the result. We can obviously feel that the paper towel is very clean.

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