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2y3k » 21 Cooking Tips, Each Very Practical, Must Check Out for Regular Cookers

21 Cooking Tips, Each Very Practical, Must Check Out for Regular Cookers

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Cooking is an interest, not a skill. With interest, you will naturally see more and understand more. Therefore, after years of accumulation, a lot of experience and skills will be summed up, so that when we cook delicious food, we can feel like a duck to water and make a taste that everyone likes.

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When cooking, those skills in the kitchen can improve your cooking skills. After reading it, you will find that you are also a chef.

  1. Boiled bone soup, always clear soup and little water, the taste is not delicious enough, and what should I do if there is a fishy smell?

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If the bone soup wants to taste good, you must boil the bone marrow oil in the bones, so we can add some vinegar when making the soup, because vinegar has the characteristics of being volatile, so the fishy smell in the soup will also be carried away with the volatilization of vinegar. Secondly, vinegar can make the forest and calcium in the bones dissolve in the soup, and can preserve the nutrients in the soup, so the soup will naturally taste good and nutritious. The key point is that vinegar can solve the greasy bone soup, so we can never get tired of eating it.

  1. What should I do if the ham is not soft and rotten?

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Because the ham is marinated with a lot of salt and air-dried for a long time, the water loss is serious, and the meat fibers will become very hard. It is really laborious to cook it, so before we cook the ham, apply some white sugar on the surface of the ham. It can make the ham softer and more delicious.

  1. When cooking dumplings, the dumplings are easy to stick and break the skin, and what should I do if the appearance is sticky?

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When dumplings are put into the pot, they are easy to stick and the dumpling skin is easy to stick after cooking. The main reason is that the heat is not enough. The water temperature in the pot will drop suddenly when the dumplings are put into the pot, so the appearance of the dumpling skin will appear half-baked. The starch will be sticky after it precipitates, so we add some salt to the pot to change the state of the water. The electrolyte in the salt water has good thermal conductivity. Salt can also increase the strength of the dumpling skin, so the dumplings will not stick or sticky. You can also add some green onions to the pot.

  1. When cooking noodles, the noodles are always stuck together, and the noodle soup is always foaming. What should I do?

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Remember, for example, noodles, one of the main reasons why dumplings are easy to stick is that the water temperature is not enough. Don’t think that a boiling water pot means that there is enough water in the pot, because once the noodles are cooked in the pot, the boiling water in the pot will immediately become calm, so the water temperature will become lower. Only when the noodles are half-cooked will a lot of starch precipitate, so it will stick. So when cooking noodles, it is preferred to cook the noodles in a larger pot. The water surface must be wide, or add a spoonful of vegetable oil to the pot, the noodles will not stick, and the water surface will not foam white, preventing the potential danger caused by water overflowing the pot.

  1. When cooking porridge or beans, try to put as little alkali as possible?

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Many people like to put some edible alkali in porridge and bean porridge, because porridge with alkali is more likely to be sticky, but edible alkali can destroy the nutrients in porridge and destroy the B vitamins in grains.

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So what should I do if the porridge is not sticky and tastes bad? In fact, the method is very simple. When the porridge is almost boiled, we add a little water starch to make the porridge sticky immediately. Many health congee shops are thickened with water starch.

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Those cooking tips in the kitchen, many people don’t know, super practical!

  1. When making braised tofu at home, remember to season with some fermented bean curd juice, you will find that the tofu is more attractive and tastes more delicious.
  2. Buy the beef at home and eat it braised. If you want a better taste, put some snow red to ensure that the meat is delicious.
  3. When making fried food at home, remember to sprinkle a little salt into the oil pan in advance, so that the oil will not splash out and avoid burns.
  4. For the filling of spring rolls, remember to add some flour when making them, so that during the frying process, the soup in the filling will not flow out, so as to avoid the situation of sticking to the pot.
  5. When frying the poached egg, wait until the yolk is about to solidify, and pour some water, which can make the poached egg more tender.
  6. When frying eggs, remember the trick, use more oil, and put the eggs into the pot when the oil is slightly hot, so that the eggs are heated more evenly and have a better shape.
  7. How to make scrambled eggs more fluffy and soft? Remember to add some white sugar. When scrambling eggs, adding some white sugar will increase the coagulation temperature of the protein denaturation contained in the eggs. In addition, white sugar has a certain water retention capacity, so it can make the eggs more fluffy and soft. Or when scrambling eggs, add some vinegar to make the eggs more fluffy and soft.
  8. What should I do if the color always turns black when frying eggplant at home? Add some vinegar to prevent the color of eggplant from turning black.
  9. What should I do if the beef is fried old and hard? The meat fiber of the beef is relatively coarse, so it is best to marinate it in advance, with salt, sugar, starch, eggs, pepper, monosodium glutamate, light soy sauce, etc. for 30 minutes, and then stir-fry, the beef is soft and tender and more delicious.
  10. No matter what kind of meat it is, as long as the taste is relatively old and firewood, remember to soak it in baking soda solution for a while in advance, you can get the effect of soft and tender taste.
  11. Homemade beef balls, pork balls, fish balls, etc. The best ratio is 5:1 meat and fish starch.
  12. If there is too much alkali in the old noodles steamed buns steamed at home, causing the steamed buns to turn yellow, then add some vinegar to the water in the steamer, and then steam the steamed buns for about 15 minutes to make the steamed buns whiter.
  13. Fried dishes at home, cold dishes are too spicy, don’t worry, remember to add some vinegar, which can reduce the spiciness of peppers.
  14. When cooking, pour vinegar into the dish by mistake as soy sauce. Don’t worry, adding less baking soda can eliminate the sour taste of vinegar.
  15. For the soup cooked at home, add too much salt, and when the soup is very salty, it is best not to add water. Although it can reduce the salt taste, it will also reduce the delicious taste of the soup. Remember a trick, adding some potatoes or tofu can reduce the salty taste. You can also wrap rice in gauze and put it in the soup, which can also reduce the salt taste of the soup.
  16. The peanuts are cool and crispy. Keep in mind that the fried peanuts are not in a hurry to sprinkle salt. Sprinkle a little Baijiu while they are hot. After the temperature of the peanuts drops, sprinkle salt again. The peanuts in this way will still taste crispy after a few days.

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Be careful when cooking at home

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The biggest skill in cooking is actually to do it with your heart. Anything you do with your heart and your best, you can basically do it well. It’s like cooking. It’s nothing more than the combination of heat, seasonings, and ingredients. The heat we talk about cooking at home is actually the oil temperature, so it is very important to be able to clearly judge the oil temperature, and the use of seasonings is simpler. Remember that if you want the dishes to be delicious, remember not to put a certain seasonings too much. It highlights a certain flavor too much. The best way is to balance it. Like many people putting seasonings at home, it is the same. In this way, it is easy to forget to put some seasonings, or put some seasonings on. More, so remember a little trick, mix all the seasonings to be put together first, so that you can not only taste the taste of the sauce in advance, but also avoid forgetting a certain seasoning.

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The combination of ingredients is interesting. For example, the combination of meat and vegetables should be balanced, and the color matching should be rich, so that no matter what dish you cook, it will look delicious first.

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