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2y3k » Share 22 life tips, white shoes are good-looking and not resistant to dirt, use it to wipe bright like a light bulb

Share 22 life tips, white shoes are good-looking and not resistant to dirt, use it to wipe bright like a light bulb

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  1. Add toothpaste to laundry detergent and wipe white shoes as bright as light bulbs.

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2, cleansing milk and toothpaste to wipe the shoes, as bright as waxed.

  1. Add detergent, white vinegar and water, wipe the hair dryer in one direction and blow it, it will not hurt the shoes at all.
  2. Pour detergent, salt and baking soda into a bowl on the hour, add water and mix well, and wipe the sponge dipped in the range hood and clean it.
  3. How to clean the washing machine? Pour toilet water, detergent, and white vinegar into the washing machine, turn on the washing mode, and wait a few minutes for all the dirty water to come out.
  4. Add Sprite, hand sanitizer, baking soda, and white vinegar to the sink, put the ancestral kettle in and scrub it, and you can make an heirloom after washing.
  5. Don’t throw the mop away if it’s dirty. Add white vinegar, salt, and baking soda to the bag, seal it and simmer for a few minutes, put it in clean water and rinse it back and forth. The washed mop can be used for another ten years.
  6. Take out the green onion, cut two knives diagonally at the bottom, insert a wooden stick in the middle, turn it lightly, and a green onion is born.
  7. Cut the apple in half, cut half of the apple vertically with a few knives, then cut it horizontally with a few knives, and cut off the shell of the other half. An elegant peacock is fine.
  8. Cut the cucumber into a semicircle, cut off the top, cut it into small pieces, insert a toothpick into the side of the cucumber, twist and rotate at will, and the cucumber tower is ready.
  9. How to remove the offset print left by the small advertisement at the door? A little baking soda, a mouthful of Baijiu and detergent, pour in water, dip it in the solution and wipe it lightly, and the traces are easily removed.
  10. The scale of the window glass is more difficult to clean. The washing powder, toothpaste and water are put into a watering can and sprayed on the mirror, and the mirror becomes clean.
  11. Add washing powder, white vinegar, and toilet water to the bowl to dilute with water, put it in a watering can and spray it on the screen window, then wipe it with a rag, and it is clean.
  12. After mixing the washing powder with white vinegar and water, pour it into the toilet tank, and there is no peculiar smell.
  13. Put the moldy chopsticks into the pot, squeeze in toothpaste, pour in edible salt and white vinegar, cover the pot, open fire and cook for ten minutes, and the mold disappears.
  14. What should I do if the corner of the house is moldy? Add detergent, 84 disinfectant, baking soda to the bowl, dilute with water, pour it into the watering can and spray it on the moldy corner, let it stand for five minutes, wipe it with a rag, no mildew stains.
  15. Pour hot boiling water on the cutting board, an appropriate amount of salt, scrub the surface dirt with your hands, sprinkle baking soda to clean up the deep dirt, pour white vinegar, scrub it with boiling water and pour it again, immediately clean as new.
  16. Don’t throw moldy clothes into the basin, add toothpaste, washing powder, edible salt, and white vinegar, pour in warm water, stir well, soak for five minutes, and then scrub the clothes clean.
  17. Put tea, Baijiu, baking soda, white vinegar and an appropriate amount of water in the cup, put it in the refrigerator for one night, and the odor will be eliminated.
  18. Remove the sealing strip on the refrigerator door, add baking soda, detergent, white vinegar, and Baijiu to the basin, dilute with water, soak in the sealing strip for ten minutes, take out clean water, rinse, install it back, and remove all the dirt in the gap.
  19. The decontamination effect of white vinegar and Baijiu is obvious when mixed together to wipe the refrigerator.
  20. Add two spoonfuls of salt to half a cup of water, pour pure grain and wine into the refrigerator, and easily solve the icing problem. Hurry up and collect if you haven’t learned it yet.

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