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2y3k » 9 small ways to make yourself better and better

9 small ways to make yourself better and better

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  1. Give up the idea of pleasing others and use this time to enrich yourself

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There are always some people in life who would rather please others, expect others to open up a way for them, take shortcuts, and do not want to spend more time to improve themselves and enrich themselves. In fact, people who do this often do not get good results, waste time in vain, and work hard and hurt money.

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Therefore, it is better to give up the idea of pleasing others as soon as possible, use this time to enrich yourself, improve your abilities, and make yourself more mandatory and excellent. This is the fastest path to success.

  1. Reduce your material desires and delay satisfaction

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It is difficult to achieve people’s desire for material things. Let go of those unnecessary material desires. Delay satisfaction for the material things you want. You must get what you don’t want. Happiness is short-lived. The satisfaction of every small desire is just drinking poison to quench thirst, which brings about a greater lack of demand. Therefore, we must properly control our material desires and let our body and mind be liberated and rested.

  1. Work hard to make money, save more, take out less loans

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If we want to live a better and better life, we can’t do without money, so we have to work hard to make money, save the money we earn in a planned way, and don’t compare material things with those who earn more and spend more. They can’t save money, and their life will get worse and worse in the future. As long as we take care of ourselves, save more money, and take out less loans, our life will definitely get better and better.

  1. Bravely reject others, don’t get used to others

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Be a strong person who dares to reject others, it is the same for everyone, whether it is relatives, bosses or bosses, treat them equally, don’t feel embarrassed, if it is beneficial to yourself, don’t get used to others.

  1. Strive to improve yourself and develop a side business in your spare time

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Whether it is work or personal, we must work hard to improve, read more books, study more, think more, look less at mobile phones, and develop more side jobs that are helpful to our capacity enhancement in our spare time. The side business is not just about making money, but more importantly, it can improve their own ability.

  1. Admit your imperfections and try to make yourself better

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We must be generous with ourselves, not be too harsh, and admit our imperfections. No one can be perfect, everyone likes it, everyone seeks it, no matter how good you are, one in ten people will say you are not good, so don’t care what others say, we just try to make ourselves better and better.

  1. Get rid of negativity, don’t be jealous, don’t complain

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Negative emotions are our biggest enemy in the journey of getting better, so we must get rid of negative emotions, laugh at the bad of others, be jealous or envious of others, do not complain or complain about the suffering life, and be a positive and optimistic, peaceful and motivated person.

  1. Keep exercising and have regular physical examinations

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Exercise can not only bring health to our body, but also bring joy to our body and mind, so we must keep exercising. When our body is better, life will become more and more. In addition, we need to have regular physical examinations, so that we can know if our body has become better or worse.

  1. Eat carefully, go to bed early and get up early

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A person who is willing to eat seriously is a person who really knows how to live, and a person who knows how to live will naturally get better and better. Living a good life, eating seriously, going to bed early and getting up early is the beginning of a person getting better, and it is also the end of a person getting better.

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