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2y3k » How to stick to one thing for a long time? 5 small ways to make you more persistent

How to stick to one thing for a long time? 5 small ways to make you more persistent

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If you are tired of “starting from determination, and finally hastily”; hate to turn the ambitions promised to the years into smoke and cloud words; decide to take out “beginning and end” efforts to achieve a “decent thing”.

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Well, this article may be of some help to you.

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5 small ways to make you more persistent

  1. How motivated are you?

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Strong motivation is the drive to persevere in something. When you plan to do something for a long time, don’t rush into action with enthusiasm. In a calm head, figure out your heart and answer the “four questions” honestly:

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Why do this?

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What does it mean to you?

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Is it out of self-identification or following in the footsteps of others?

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If you don’t do this, how will it affect your life and even your life?

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If this thing itself cannot bring you a continuous and stable attraction, its target value will fluctuate with your situation, and its long-term pulling power for you is naturally limited.

  1. Small steps and fast running, slow water

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A good practice to stick to one thing for a long time is to give yourself a fixed period of time every day, which does not need to be too long, but during this period, be sure to exclude the interference of other information and focus on the current affairs.

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You can call this period of time the golden time for high-density receipt of knowledge supplies. Its duration is set to bring you feelings that are not oppressive, not that you can only bite the bullet, but that make you feel “comfortable and relaxed”, able to mobilize your patience and interest, and take the initiative to complete the task.

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Out of the “show off impulse” to the outside world, many people have a blind greed for the number of goals completed, and even regard the number itself as a pursuit, often 100 pages, 100 days, 100 items list… but they have to give up halfway because their realistic ability cannot keep up with the “grand ambition”. Compared to “snake swallowing elephant”, “small steps and fast runs, a few times” can be reached efficiently and sustainably.

  1. “Done” or “Perfect”?

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In the process of doing things for a long time, you will definitely encounter a problem: it is difficult to “stick to” it on time, you may encounter interruptions and interruptions, you may be intermittent, do it for a while, stop for a while.

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The important thing to avoid here is the “all or none” mentality.

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What is “all or none”? That is: a thing must be implemented completely according to the plan to be successful; if it is not done on time, according to the measure, and according to the standard, it is a failure. This kind of misunderstanding of excessive pursuit of perfection often makes us fall into the quagmire of self-competition and hinders the follow-up of goals.

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You must know that persistence will not fail completely because you are stranded once and slack once. The key is to allow yourself to hesitate, stagnate, and retreat for a while in the process of persistence.

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No matter how tortuous the journey is, you have not disarmed and left, and you are still trudging on the road. This is the most moving look of persistence.

  1. You need a motivational “candy”

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Persistence is not easy, and it needs motivating “candy” to neutralize. As long as you are better than your past self, even if it is only a little better, even if it falls far short of expectations, it is still worthy of encouragement.

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Short-term goals are small incentives, long-term goals are big incentives. Timely positive feedback can be a positive self-affirmation, a long-cherished gift, a meal that treats the body and mind… These warm measures are a buffer belt on the road, which can help us replenish fresh blood and energy, and walk well for the next mile.

  1. The importance of review

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Persistence is not about rushing on, or blindly accomplishing the goal of “digitization”. Persistence also means constantly reviewing, and the meaning and value of firm actions in the review.

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Review is not only to summarize experience and methods, but also very important to experience and feel your own changes and growth.

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When you develop a new habit, do you get a gratifying change from it, do you get a little closer to your ideal self, do you feel an unspeakable sense of accomplishment and pleasure, and feel that all the efforts and persistence are meaningful and worthwhile?

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Try to capture these feelings, to amplify them, and let them be your motivation.

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