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2y3k » 20 good habits that can be adhered to for a long time will make your life better and more beautiful

20 good habits that can be adhered to for a long time will make your life better and more beautiful

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What are some good habits worth sticking to for a long time?

  1. Look less at your phone, reduce the frequency of swiping your phone, and give yourself more time to think.
  2. Brush less dramas, dozens of minutes per episode, and the time passes almost in the blink of an eye when brushing dramas, which consumes our precious time, so reduce the frequency of brushing dramas and set aside more time for study accordingly.
  3. Read more, use your mobile phone to read more good articles or watch real-time news on weekdays, and brush less short videos, live broadcasts, or read romance novels.
  4. Read more, go to the library more when you have free time, buy or borrow your favorite books, and read more paper books, which have a good protective effect on our eyes and skin.
  5. Adhere to getting up early. Getting up early is a good habit to urge you to go to bed early. Going to bed early every day will naturally ensure a good habit of getting up early.
  6. Adhere to morning exercise. After getting up early every day, choose a favorite sport as morning exercise, such as skipping rope, doing Tai Chi, aerobics, brisk walking, running, etc.
  7. Drink plenty of water, drink a glass of boiled water in the morning, and prepare water when exercising. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water, and maintain a regular drinking habit.
  8. Adhere to morning reading, and read a poem, prose or short article aloud every morning, which can nourish the soul, improve personal level and comprehensive cultural literacy, and practice oral pronunciation.
  9. Insist on making a nutritious breakfast for yourself in the morning to maintain a cheerful mood. Supplementing energy with breakfast can make you full of energy throughout the day and maintain a good state.
  10. Insist on washing your face and brushing your teeth in the morning. Washing your face with water in the morning can make you more awake. Brushing your teeth can protect our teeth, let us maintain a fresh breath, and will not let bad breath affect our state and mood.
  11. Adhere to skin care. The skin is our most external tissue. Others see this layer of tissue at the beginning. A good skin can leave a good impression on others and increase one’s self-confidence.
  12. Insist on going out with a smile every day. You face life with a smile, and life will give back to you with a smile. Always show people with a smile, and finding someone to do things will go more smoothly.
  13. Maintain the good habit of not being angry. Life does not bring death, nothing is more important than your own health, and anger will only bring harm to your body, so maintaining the good habit of not being angry is also good for health. The greatest care.
  14. The good habit of maintaining a sense of awe, maintaining a sense of awe for anyone, things, and things, is conducive to improving our happiness, reducing our stress and anxiety, and making our lives more relaxed and comfortable.
  15. The good habit of continuous learning, no matter how big the achievement is or how high the power is, we must maintain the good habit of continuous learning, so that we can not be eliminated by new things and abandoned in the new era, so that the quality of life can become better and better.
  16. Adhere to the good habit of recording life, like writing a diary every day, record the bits and pieces of life, which can not only preserve the beauty, but also make a reflection on your day, and practice writing, which can be said to serve multiple purposes.
  17. Adhere to the good habit of bookkeeping. Bookkeeping can sort out the expenses in life, effectively reduce expenditure, reduce impulsive consumption, optimize the asset allocation of the family, and make long-term investment and financial plans, which can effectively improve our future quality of life.
  18. Maintain the good habit of fitness exercise. Doing morning exercises for more than 30 minutes every day can wake up the brain and maintain a good state for the day. Doing evening exercises for more than 30 minutes can improve our sleep quality and maintain a healthy body and mind.
  19. Maintain the good habit of eating regularly. Life, old age, sickness and death are natural laws and cannot be controlled. A person can live a good life if he can eat well. Maintaining regular eating habits is also improving our quality of life.
  20. Adhere to the good habit of breaking up and leaving, regularly clean up bad interpersonal relationships, and give up unimportant things that should be given up. The most important thing in a high-quality life is to learn to let go.

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The above 20 good habits that can be adhered to for a long time will make your life better and more beautiful!

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