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2y3k » 21 Tips for Getting Along with People

21 Tips for Getting Along with People

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Keeping a proper distance when getting along with people will make people feel safe, and security is the premise for people to slowly get closer.21 Tips for Getting Along with People

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Knowing how to be measured when getting along with people is a person’s cultivation and upbringing.

Don’t show off

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You don’t need to show off in front of true friends. The more you show off, the farther away you will be. At the same time, the less you show off to others, you will meet more sincere friends, otherwise it will only attract jealousy, even hatred and revenge. So when getting along with people, there is absolutely no need to show off in order to attract the attention of others.


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Sincere, sincere, sincere, must be sincere when dealing with people, only if you treat people sincerely, people will treat each other with sincerity.

Maintain a sense of distance

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When getting along with people, you must know how to leave enough time and space for others, not trespass into other people’s private space, nor occupy other people’s private time, and know how to maintain a sense of distance, which will make people feel safe.

Have a sense of proportion

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Everyone has secrets that they don’t want to say. Don’t be self-righteous to inquire, to find out, and always know a sense of proportion when getting along with people. This is a person’s upbringing.

Can talk

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Everyone has their own preferences and personalities. When getting along with people, you must learn to watch people order dishes. Don’t talk to everyone the same way. Some people like to hear some words and some people don’t.

Good at rejection

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When getting along with people, don’t take things that have nothing to do with you. After all, not everyone knows how to be grateful. Sometimes too much nosy can be annoying, so you must dare to refuse.

Praise others

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People who know how to praise others often at work and in life are mostly likeable, because people will not dislike getting along with people who praise and appreciate themselves.

Thank others

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Whether in life or work, when you get help and recognition from others, you must say thank you in time. People who know their kindness are more likeable and get along with them.

Don’t lie

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As the saying goes: “There is no airtight wall in the world.”

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Lying too much will become a habit. No lie can be perfectly rounded back, and it will be exposed one day, so you can’t lie when you get along with people.

Don’t take advantage

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As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

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When getting along with people, you always want to take advantage, you will only be used by villains, and you will also be looked down upon or hated by others, so not taking advantage is also a kind of protection for yourself.

Not really

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People who are too serious will make others feel difficult to get along with, and they will feel uncomfortable when others don’t understand, and the gains are not worth the losses, so you can’t be too serious when getting along with people.

Dare to be hated

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As the saying goes: “Every radish and cabbage has its own love.”

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There is no perfect person in the world, and it is impossible for one person to be liked by everyone. Therefore, when getting along with people, you must dare to be hated by others, so that you are not tired of living.

There are bottom lines and principles

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When getting along with people, face can be let go, but Lizi can never be lost. You must stick to your bottom line and principles as a person.

Be good at respect and understanding

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As the saying goes: “You respect me one foot, I respect you one foot.”

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When you get along with others, when you respect and understand others, you will find that you have been respected and understood by others, which is to respect and understand others, and others will respect and understand you.

Always be tolerant

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People have their own aspirations and are very different. No one is a perfect existence copied and pasted. You must always be tolerant of imperfect people. The so-called tolerance for others is tolerance for yourself.

Be good at discovering your own value

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When getting along with people, you must be good at discovering your own value. Asking people to do things must make the other party feel meaningful and valuable. At the same time, you must know that enough is enough to ask for help.

Always be kind

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Be kind when getting along with people, but don’t be soft-hearted, too kind, and in the end it will harm others and yourself.

Mind your own business

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Don’t worry and meddle in your own business when getting along with people. Others will not read your good but only remember your bad.

Be good at listening

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When getting along with people, you must be good at listening, and you must not blindly express subjective thoughts and opinions. After thinking about everything, you must understand that what you say will never be taken back. A person who does not speak well will not be trusted by others.

Don’t judge people by their appearance

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As the saying goes: “People cannot look good, and sea water cannot be measured.”

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When getting along with people, you can’t blindly underestimate others or look up to someone. To recognize people, you must first look at your heart, and don’t be blinded by the appearance of others. Even a humble beggar has advantages.

Good at communicating

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When getting along with people, you must learn to communicate. Most of the time, communication is much more useful than reasoning. Communication can be a little bit closer to the other party’s heart, while reasoning is just a unilateral speech.

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