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2y3k » A Really Smart Way to Live: Save Money and Be Alone

A Really Smart Way to Live: Save Money and Be Alone

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There are many ways to live in life, different people have different pursuits, and naturally there are different definitions of happiness and success, but no matter which kind you belong to, real smart people often have some similarities.

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Some people are ambitious and think about success all their lives; some people pursue dull happiness and just want to keep their lovers and family members safe and sound.

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Two ways of living, two different paths, there is no so-called good or bad, as long as you live true to your heart, you will have no regrets.

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But no matter which one you have to understand, a person’s best state and the smartest way of living are actually inseparable from two conditions, that is: saving money and being alone.

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The former is related to material needs, the latter is related to spiritual needs, and both are satisfied, so that our body and soul can be free to the greatest extent possible.

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One: Saving money can give you enough material security and a sense of security to live more confidently

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Reality is like a mountain, and many people are romantic like a cloud.

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If you simply pursue your feelings and dreams, while ignoring reality, then everything will only become empty talk. After all, when people cannot solve food and clothing, it is extravagant and impractical to talk about anything.

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So I don’t recommend that you think too empty or too far about everything. Only by getting busy with your livelihood first and having enough savings can you have more confidence and a sense of security.

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Why is it often difficult for idealistic people to achieve their ideals? It is because they pay too much attention to ideals and ignore reality. If you are in the stage of eating the last meal without the next meal, no matter how beautiful the ideal is, it is not worth a full meal.

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Be realistic, save money first, when you have money, many things will go smoothly.

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If there is no money, it will only be difficult.

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You may think this is too snobby, but when one day in the future, you have suffered from having no money, you will understand the benefits of having money, and you will no longer deny the importance of money.

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When you develop a desire and desire for money, you will have upward motivation, and this is the beginning of maturity.

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Two: Being alone allows you to abandon the noise of the outside world and focus more on yourself, so that you can live more calmly and confidently

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When people are young, it is difficult to appreciate the benefits and happiness of being alone.

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At this time, we always like to be lively, like to make a lot of friends, and like to deal with various interpersonal relationships. It seems that by doing this, we can appear to be very popular and successful.

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But in fact, the more you are in the noisy crowd, the more you can’t see your heart. Only being alone can make you quiet and awake, knowing what you want and what kind of life you want to live.

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Being alone is the best time for a person to appreciate.

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At this time, you are more focused on yourself, and you can silently cultivate your abilities and exercise your mind. Maybe you will feel very lonely, but it is this feeling of loneliness that makes you mature and strong step by step.

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There is a saying in the world famous book “One Hundred Years of Solitude”: “The best state of a person is when you are alone. At this time, you are quiet and comfortable, you don’t have to deal with anyone’s emotions, and you don’t have to deliberately worry about or guess other people’s thoughts. When you accompany yourself, you can return to your true self.”

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Don’t reject loneliness, the real strong have always been lonely, because they stand too high, and there are fewer and fewer people who can stand side by side with them and truly understand them.

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When one day in the future, you start to be alone and enjoy this state of loneliness, you will find that many things and relationships in the past are unnecessary.

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Learning to break away and make your life easier is a rare sobriety.

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Write at the end:

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The smartest way for a person to live is to save money well, give himself more material protection, and then calm down and enjoy being alone, so that his spiritual world becomes richer.

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When you can meet material needs and have an extremely charming inner world, it means that you have lived and understood, and you are already better than most people.

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