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2y3k » 9 Tips for a Happier Life

9 Tips for a Happier Life

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Don’t worry, do your own thing

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Anxiety will only make you more and more flustered and anxious, and it will not solve any problems. A person has a personal way of living, don’t compare with others, and don’t be jealous of others. It is better than anything else to do our own current things well, we just need to be ourselves.

Don’t worry about what didn’t happen

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We can’t predict things in the future, and don’t speculate. Worrying about what didn’t happen will only make you more and more anxious and unhappy.

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The ancients said: “Lost in the east, harvested in mulberry elm”.

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Everything is the best arrangement, let things go in its own direction, we just need to calm down.

Money starts from less

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Don’t care about small money, money is accumulated little by little. Even if you earn very little money now, you must learn to save a part. If you can save 100 yuan a month, it is 100 times better than if you can’t save a penny.

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Take myself as an example. My first job salary is 5,000 yuan a month, rent and utilities are 900 yuan, meals are about 1,200 yuan, other expenses such as fruits and snacks are controlled at 200 yuan, and the remaining 2,700 yuan are stored in an account that is basically motionless, 700 yuan is stored in an account as a reserve fund, the basic motionless account can save 24,000 yuan a year, the reserve account is 8,400 yuan, and the total assets are 32,400 yuan. For a person who has just started working for a year, this is not a small deposit.

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As our personal abilities and years grow, our wages will naturally rise, and in this cycle, our assets will increase. At that time, you can do whatever you want, be self-sufficient and full of confidence.

You can’t just look in front of you, the world behind is also huge

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We can’t stop and feel sorry for ourselves because of the difficulties and obstacles in front of us. Looking back, the world is also big.

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Imprisoned in the setbacks in front of us, we will only lose our eyes, and finally become depressed and desperate in the setbacks and adversity. We try to look back, find our original self, patiently analyze the existing difficulties, try to find a solution, step by step, and there will be another scene in front of us.

Live a little bit, live your life

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We can be a little confused about the trivial things in life, because worrying about everything will only get more and more tired, but we must be clear about the major things in life and not be sloppy.

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Emotionally, some things do not need to be too much care, a little confused will be happier, everything is too clear, too rational, that is not called feelings, called work.

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You must be sober at work and career, and you must not be a little confused. This is responsible for yourself and others.

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Position life, feelings, and career clearly, and live an independent self.

Nothing is easy, you have to persevere and work hard

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If you want to get rich overnight, you can only dream of it.

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Behind the scenery of successful people are hardships and sweat. They have achieved today’s success by perseverance and hard work all the way. Nothing will be easy. Only by persevering can you have a chance of success, otherwise you will not even have a chance.

To live without confusion, you have to have a head and a purpose

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People live a lifetime, and living in a daze is too sad and meaningless. We find a rush, set a goal, and find a direction for this rush. Only in this way can we live with meaning and value, and we will not come to the world in vain. For example: traveling around the world in beautiful mountains and rivers.

Don’t interrupt others and listen patiently

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When someone interrupts you, do you hate that person very much, so don’t be the hated person, because we can clearly be liked. Patiently listen to everyone, this is a kind of respect and a kind of charm.

Don’t lose your temper, don’t complain about life

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Losing your temper hurts your body and is sad. Complaining will only make people feel more and more unlucky and unpleasant. You can’t bring what you want, and you can’t lose what you don’t want.

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A happy life state is: live a good present, do not complain about the past, and do not fear the future.

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