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2y3k » 33 ways to make your life better and better

33 ways to make your life better and better

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33 ways to make your life better and better

  1. Fewer fantasies and less expectations of others.
  2. Eating breakfast every day is a small thing and a very important thing.
  3. Focus on one thing, don’t pick up your phone while you’re reading.
  4. When you go out every day, give yourself a big encouragement in the mirror.
  5. Balance your time. Do things efficiently at work and enjoy life at a slow pace.
  6. Stay up less late. Let go of the habit of playing games and watching videos before going to bed every night.
  7. Insist on getting up early. Make a list of getting up early for yourself, read a book for a while after getting up, exercise in the morning, and make breakfast.
  8. Soak your feet before going to bed to improve sleep quality. Don’t be too long, fifteen minutes is enough.
  9. Exercise more. Usually do more exercise at home, and don’t sit for long periods of time at work.
  10. Stretch properly. If you want a good figure, don’t forget to stretch. For example, you must stretch after running. There are local stretches and full body stretches. You can find some stretching things to practice.
  11. Cook by yourself, reduce the number of takeout orders, and slowly reduce them. Make a meal and bring it to the company.
  12. When you are in the company, order less milk tea. When your colleagues in the company call you together, refuse decisively and forcefully.
  13. Take the initiative to say hello when you meet real-world friends. Don’t pretend you didn’t see it, sometimes it’s like this again and again, but it makes you less and less sociable.
  14. I usually chat with my friends more, communicate with each other about some things in life, and the friendship between friends also needs to be maintained.
  15. When you feel yourself complaining, stop. Change the subject and talk about the little things in life that make you happy.
  16. Don’t talk to people who haven’t met a few times.
  17. Don’t pay too much attention to the evaluation of others, and don’t always feel sorry for the evaluation of others.
  18. Some precautions at work can be written down with a pen. Paper and pen are the two major tools needed for work.
  19. Find out some systems, salary systems, and work-related processes related to yourself at work in time.
  20. Usually, your desk should be sorted out in time, not too messy, and the items that are not used for work should be packed well.
  21. Clean the room regularly. Give yourself a clean and tidy living environment.
  22. Keep a diary. Record the interesting things you see and experience in your life.
  23. Save more money, money can give you a sense of security and great confidence.
  24. You must have a main business and a side business. The few hours after get off work are the best time to develop a side business.
  25. Establish goals, break down goals, complete goals step by step, and believe that self-discipline must be cool.
  26. Reward yourself, and give yourself happiness whenever you complete some phased goals.
  27. Review regularly. You can just think in your mind about what you have done recently, what you have done is not good enough, and what can be improved. You can also record it yourself.
  28. Make a heavy commitment to do what you said.
  29. When dealing with others, the attitude is sincere enough. It is a plus to treat others with a sincere and non-perfunctory attitude. Pay attention when others are talking, and take what you promise others to heart.
  30. Don’t write unhappy emotions on your face, don’t always have a bitter face, and have the ability to become happy.
  31. Don’t let your temper be greater than your ability. An excellent person can manage his emotions well.
  32. Don’t let yourself be too idle in life. Sometimes a lot of your troubles come out of free time, just get busy.
  33. Don’t wait until tomorrow to act, act now, act now.

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Improve your obvious shortcomings. If you are not in good shape, make up your mind to lose weight.

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If you are depressed, you will cheer yourself up every day and look for the little luck in life.

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If the hair quality is not good, try to be a strategy. Adhere to nursing every day. If the usual expression ability is not good, practice, read more books and accumulate more. Let yourself work hard in the direction of getting better and better.

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