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2y3k » 20 Tips for Honest People to Become Great

20 Tips for Honest People to Become Great

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20 Tips for Honest People to Become Great

  1. Honesty is honesty, we don’t cause trouble, and don’t be afraid of things. Honest people generally don’t cause trouble, but they can’t bear to escape things that damage their own interests and reputation too much. If you avoid too much, you will only become more and more useless and easier to be bullied.
  2. Silence is golden, watch more, listen more, and think more. It’s nothing if you don’t like to talk at ordinary times. Silence is golden. We spend more time discovering the excellent people around us, seeing how they do things, listening to how they talk, and thinking about why they do what they do and why they talk like that.
  3. Stay away from right and wrong and pay attention to yourself. Usually, those who like gossip and big mouths, we have less contact, try to stay away from these right and wrong, and spend more time focusing on our own growth.
  4. Observe more powerful people and learn their strengths. Usually observe more powerful people around you and learn their strengths. You can write them down in an essay. After that, you can think more about their excellent way of doing things, and you can practice more in your spare time.
  5. You must have your own ideas and attitudes, and not be swayed by the thoughts of others. You can’t listen to others. No matter how powerful or excellent others are, we must also have our own ideas and attitudes. You can’t be swayed by others if they tempt you a little. You must show your own attitude.
  6. Be generous and say hello to the boss when you meet him on the way. We must learn to be generous. We can’t take a detour when we see the boss. When we meet on the road, we say hello to the boss generously. There is no need to avoid it on purpose.
  7. Don’t be brave, ask people who are better than you for advice. When encountering troubles and problems, you can’t endure it yourself, let alone do troubles and problems that you can’t solve. You must ask your predecessors or people who are better than you for advice. They have experienced many battles and must have more methods and advantages than you.
  8. Practice speaking and chat with others more. Don’t be a boring guy, but also communicate with others more, chat or something, and you can practice your speaking ability more on weekdays.
  9. Don’t interrupt others, and wait patiently for others to finish speaking before expressing your opinion. If you have an idea, don’t publish it in time. You must wait for others to finish speaking before expressing your opinion. This is a kind of respect for others and a tempering of your temperament.
  10. Don’t learn to flatter others, have your own opinion. Others flatter and shoot the point, and you flatter just purely. In this way, you can only see the surface and not see it, and it will only make yourself worse and worse, and finally you have no opinion at all.
  11. Don’t agree to everything and reject those things that don’t matter. We can’t be the central air conditioner and promise others everything. We must reject those things that have nothing to do with us or don’t matter, and be a principled person.
  12. Don’t care too much about other people’s eyes and opinions, learn to accept your own imperfections.
  13. Don’t have too high expectations for the outcome of things. The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment. We should pay more attention to the experience of things, don’t have too high expectations for the outcome of things, and look at the results with a peaceful attitude. The higher the expectations of people, the easier it is to produce disappointment.
  14. Be more careful with anyone, don’t blindly trust. You must have a heart of defense against others, and you must be more careful with others. You can’t blindly trust. Those who were good to you before may not be good to you in the future.
  15. Watch more documentaries, learn the experience of successful people, and inherit the noble character of successful people. Watch more documentaries in your spare time and learn their successful experiences. We can also use suitable experiences in our lives to practice more and discover more truths.
  16. Listen to more excellent speech videos. For honest introverts, it is very important to learn to speak.
  17. Learn more and improve your strength. In many cases, you can speak with your strength. If your strength is strong enough, you can also speak with your strength. You don’t need your great eloquence, let alone how many interpersonal relationships you have.
  18. Be single-minded about people and things, and don’t get carried away.
  19. Control your desires and don’t inflate them too much. It is good to have desires and ambitions, but you can’t inflate them. Your desires are getting stronger and stronger, and your ambitions are getting bigger and bigger. If your strength doesn’t match, you will only repeat the same mistakes and return to the original point.
  20. Calm down and learn to reconcile with yourself and the world. Don’t rush for success if others don’t have it, calm down and take your time. Even if one day you still don’t get it, you must learn to reconcile with yourself and the world. If you give up, you will gain.

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