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2y3k » Great people have the following 16 habits

Great people have the following 16 habits

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Great people have the following 16 habits

  1. Don’t waste time, regard time as life and money, and never waste time on meaningless people, things, and things.
  2. Like to share, never be stingy with others to share successful experiences and skills, and like to share the fruits of success with others.
    3, love to read, as long as there is leisure time will read books to learn, never slack off learning progress and their own capacity enhancement.
  3. He likes to study and solve problems, and he likes others to ask him questions. He is very humble and polite.
  4. I like to specialize in research, and I will solve general problems by myself, never bothering others.
  5. Cherish your body, keep exercising every day, eat regularly, and maintain good sleep habits.
  6. Have your own ideals and goals, and will practice and persevere in them.
  7. Don’t eat junk food, don’t drink carbohydrate drinks, eat healthy food, and only drink boiled water or tea.
  8. Bring a notebook and pen for meetings, turn your phone into silent mode, and record useful suggestions and fresh ideas at any time.
  9. Will control their emotions, never contradict others when communicating, face problems calmly and solve problems, and reflect on the reasons for conflicts afterwards.
  10. Will control their desires, do not inflate themselves, do not belittle themselves, and delay satisfaction.
  11. Focus on doing things, be single-minded, never objectify others, be sincere and kind.
  12. Financially healthy, never spend money beyond your ability, know how to manage money, and plan your financial assets.
  13. Don’t be greedy for cheapness, let alone take advantage of others, don’t care about the gains and losses in front of you, have a long-term vision, and have a big picture view.
  14. Love watching news, have keen insight and judgment, and will act immediately when they find opportunities.
  15. They are very interested in new things and new fields, and will take the initiative to understand, find out where they are related to their own fields, and strive to formulate feasible solutions to seek opportunities for cooperation in suitable projects.

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