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2y3k » How to be a delicate woman?

How to be a delicate woman?

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How to be a delicate woman?

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Becoming a delicate woman is not only the appearance of the image, but also the cultivation of the inner temperament.

  1. A good figure. This is a necessary condition for a delicate woman. A good figure is a kind of self-discipline. In our daily life, no matter work or life, who wants to deal with a fat sloppy person or a person with a good figure? Therefore, it is a kind of respect for others, and it is also a sign of their uncompromising life.
  2. Dress appropriately. Dress appropriately, not too exaggerated, you can have personality, but not too flamboyant, you can make up, but not too exaggerated.
  3. The ability to earn money independently. Women who have the ability to earn money independently are full of self-confidence and do not depend on anyone. They can earn not much, but they must be able to support themselves. This is a bottom line and a way out. They can live well without anyone. These can’t do anything without money. They have money and exquisite capital. Therefore, in our today’s society, female friends try not to be housewives, and the temperament of working women is full of charm.
  4. Love to read. There is poetry and calligraphy in the belly. The influence of reading is subtle. Bookishness is a kind of temperament, this is temperament, and this is charm.
  5. Like sports. Exercise can not only maintain a good figure, but also glow. The dopamine brought by exercise makes people happy and happy. So, no matter what kind of exercise you like and can stick to it for a long time, you can do it.
  6. Learn to be alone. Have their own interests and hobbies, be alone, and do not depend on anyone. Everyone is lonely at the beginning or in the end. Family, friendship, and love can be possessed, but you cannot rely too much on any one person.
  7. Periodically break away. Don’t wear clothes, regularly dispose of, when looking at the room space becomes larger, the mood will be comfortable, of course, breaking away is a process of self-reflection, which things do not need to be bought in the future, instead, when buying, but the brain, bought and put a period of time and then throw it away, this is pure waste.
  8. Indifferent attitude. In the company and friends, don’t participate in short-sighted parents and gossip, don’t be silly and sweet, keep silent and calm in case of trouble, and it is easier to take the initiative. Learn to be flattered and not frightened, the wind is light and the clouds are light, be prepared for danger in good times, accept calmly in times of adversity, and learn to wait.
  9. Know how to persevere and give up. Accept that people in life meet and leave, accept gain and loss, know how to persevere, but know how to give up, have or lose, it is all a process, it is just an experience.
  10. You must learn to love yourself. Loving yourself is not selfish, it is a reasonable assessment of your own abilities. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t talk about loving others.

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