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2y3k » Middle-aged people, how to save money?

Middle-aged people, how to save money?

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Middle-aged people, how to save money?

  1. Wages are paid and all necessary expenses are saved.
  2. Now it is advocated to exercise, ride an electric car to and from get off work, so as to avoid traffic jams, and it is convenient to buy food on the road.
  3. When you buy something, you must shop around for good value for money. Don’t buy it when you see it.
  4. Some things still need to be more expensive and durable, like mobile phones, penny, penny, don’t always change, just use it.
  5. Don’t have nothing to do with women. If you get divorced, it will be more expensive to marry again, and the child has no biological mother.
  6. Have a stable job, charge electricity in your spare time, and master a technology when it is useful.
  7. When buying financial management, you must buy capital guaranteed.
  8. Eat breakfast at home every day, buy a pancake outside for 6 yuan (1 egg), plus a cup of soy milk for 2 yuan, and a family of three is 24 yuan. Now the eggs are 5.5 yuan/catty. If you spread the egg cake, 2 eggs per person, plus a cup of soy milk, you can’t even spend half the money, and you eat well.
  9. Except for some necessary large items, daily necessities can be bought online, or when there are promotions in supermarkets, which can save a lot of money.
  10. Don’t always move, the more you move, the poorer you become. Buy a new one once you move, and you don’t want to use what you can use.
  11. Quitting smoking and drinking is good for your health and saves a lot of money.
  12. Resolutely not to have three children.
  13. Stay away from pornography, gambling and drugs. As long as you get close to it, you will hold your money pocket upside down. Not to mention saving money, it will definitely make you bankrupt.
  14. You can do some part-time jobs to earn some pocket money. Hourly work or delivery.
  15. There are two people in the family. Two people make more money than one person. If you spend one person, you can save one person’s salary.
  16. Don’t buy everything you see, control your desire to buy, and don’t buy unless you have to.
  17. Do not use detergent to wash dishes. Use loofah flesh to wash dishes and remove oil, saving money and hygiene.
  18. Don’t go out when it’s hot, you have to buy cold drinks.
  19. Eating less big fish and meat and more vegetables and fruits is good for the body.
  20. As long as you are not in a hurry to wear clothes, you can buy them out of season, save money, and the effect is not bad.
  21. Store more cabbage and radishes in winter, which is a hundred times stronger than eating out-of-season vegetables. The key is to save money and buy 2 catties of beans that can be worth 1 bag of cabbage.

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