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2y3k » 21 Advice for Middle-aged Women

21 Advice for Middle-aged Women

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In middle age, it is better to fight your husband and your children than to fight yourself. It is more important to fight yourself well than anything else. If you don’t believe it, you can start to act from now on, do a good job in your body, mentality, career, financial independence, and independent thinking. You don’t have to fight with others. You have completely won.

  1. Don’t cry and complain to anyone easily. To gain the sympathy of others will only make yourself more humiliated, because most people will only see you as a joke.
  2. Don’t easily tell your man what’s right and wrong about your in-laws, let alone what’s wrong with your in-laws. If you talk too much, men will only care less about you, and your in-laws will not protect you.
  3. Take good care of money, and don’t give a man a lot of money easily. If a man has more money, he will have more right and wrong. Of course, it is best not to be too hard on them, grasp them tightly and quickly, and know how to advance and retreat.
  4. The filial money of the child should be stored in a card, and there should be a number in my heart, especially for families with many children, it should be recorded in a ledger, and there should be a scale in my heart, but it is best not to be biased.
  5. Do not easily tell others about the private affairs and scandals of your own family. The ugliness of your family should not be publicized, and your heart must be bright.
  6. Don’t cry poor or pretend to be rich with people you just met. It’s best to be close or far away.
  7. When a man goes out to dinner with friends, if they are all men, there is no need to follow him, and there is no need to make frequent phone calls, otherwise the man will lose face and you will lose money.
  8. When you are middle-aged, don’t paint your makeup too thick and too loud. Just light makeup and lipstick, it is exquisite and durable.
  9. It is best not to dress too fancy when going out, let alone too sexy. It is more suitable for middle-aged women to be decent, elegant and dignified.
  10. Try to eat less oil, less salt and less spicy food. Don’t eat too many heavy-flavored foods. The digestive function of middle-aged people has declined, and they often cannot be digested by the body, which affects their health.
  11. Don’t often mix with middle-aged women who play mahjong, and deal with middle-aged women who dance square dance more, your mentality will be better, and it will be good for your body.
  12. Middle-aged women, not too old, it is best to have a job of their own. They can’t rely on men to get money alone. That way, they will be very unconfident in life and even more despised.
  13. Middle-aged women with families, don’t get too close to other men, and keep a safe distance at all times, so as not to make themselves stinky.
  14. When you have a child, don’t swear with the child, let alone say right and wrong in front of the child. It is easy for the child to learn from the example. What kind of mother you are will bring out what kind of child. This is very reasonable.
  15. During the Chinese New Year and festivals, those who should visit relatives should visit, otherwise there will be no one to bless when there is a happy event in the family.
  16. Have a good attitude towards your parents, pay more attention to their health, don’t make them angry, don’t argue with them, otherwise you will suffer in the end when they are sick.
  17. Middle-aged women read less romance novels and live a more realistic life. They can use this time to read more books that are helpful to their own thinking, learn more to improve their abilities, be good to themselves, and have a good guiding effect on their children.
  18. There is less social communication without self-restraint. In addition to comparison, it is comparison. If you go too much, it will add to your heart, which is of no use at all, and you will spend money.
  19. For people and things you don’t like, learn to be silent. Being too impulsive will only make people feel that you are uneducated and cultivated.
  20. No matter how good the relationship is, don’t go straight. It will make people tired for a long time, and it will only make the relationship more and more stiff.
  21. Invest in yourself, not only to be beautiful on the outside, but also to understand the beauty on the inside. “Beauty” sometimes easily solves the problem of correlation.

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A woman is also a flower at the age of forty. Dress yourself up well to make yourself look more temperamental and meaningful; invest in yourself well to make yourself more valuable, more educated and cultivated, and not be looked down upon. This is what middle-aged women need to do the most. Oh!

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Age is not a problem, no matter what stage, you must practice your mentality, and if you stabilize your mentality, you will win.

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