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2y3k » 16 Tips to Boost Your Happiness

16 Tips to Boost Your Happiness

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As an ordinary and ordinary me, I feel that there are more and more people around me who are better than me. They are younger, more energetic, more imaginative and creative than me. They often feel very sad, but they don’t want to be lost like this. What are the specific ways to improve our happiness? Let’s try it together!

  1. Put down your phone and make an appointment with a friend or family member to chat with your heart.
  2. Praise your friends or colleagues, praise your family, and give them a thumbs up consciously. Make it a habit to praise others, praise others with your heart, others will feel happy, and they will give you a feedback, and you will be happy too.
  3. Give the house a big cleaning, give the wardrobe a break, sort out the old clothes that have not been worn for a long time, and send them to the site where the old clothes are recycled.
  4. Go out and buy a cup of milk tea that you liked a long time ago, and then buy yourself a bunch of flowers.
  5. Go to exercise, such as: running, skipping rope, brisk walking, aerobics, square dancing, playing basketball, playing table tennis, playing badminton, etc. Choose one or more. Regular aerobic exercise can secrete more dopamine and serum, and this chemical will make us feel happy, help us forget our troubles and dissipate stress, which is proved by expert research!
  6. Play a light music, learn to do simple yoga asanas by yourself, and feel your breath with your heart. You can follow the videos sent by professional teachers to learn some simple and relaxing yoga asanas, learn to meditate, adjust your breathing, and let yourself pay attention to yourself in the moment.
  7. Compliment yourself often, give yourself a thumbs up, and smile from the bottom of your heart. While praising others, don’t forget to praise yourself too! Feel great from the bottom of your heart, and give yourself a big smile.
  8. When making delicious food, some people say that there is no trouble that cannot be solved by one meal. If one meal does not work, there will be two meals. We try to pick and match ingredients by ourselves, wash and chop vegetables by ourselves, make a beautiful meal, and then share it with our family.
  9. Read a favorite book, or you can choose to read it aloud.
  10. Learn to write. You can start by recording the little beauty and small achievements in your daily life, record the people and things who have helped or been helped by you, and share the beautiful scenery and objects you see.
  11. Go out on a trip, see more beautiful beauties outside, listen to more voices outside, and record the beautiful things you hear and see.
  12. Learn makeup, give yourself a beautiful makeup, take selfies for retention, and improve self-confidence.
  13. Learn how to dress, change your daily clothes, try more styles, and there may be a different you.
  14. Go fishing quietly. If you catch a fish, you can have a snack, but if you can’t catch a fish, you can also listen to the sound of the wind blowing the water, feel the nature, and meditate.
  15. Put down your phone 30 minutes before going to bed, make a review of your day, and review more of those beautiful people, things, and things.
  16. Stretch your body 10 minutes before going to bed, stretch your chest and back, relax your mood, and help you sleep.

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