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2y3k » 15 Ways to Quit Anxiety

15 Ways to Quit Anxiety

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Anxiety can affect life and affect many things about yourself. Life is less anxious and troubled, and more happy.
Many people in life are prone to depression and lack of energy in doing things. Graduates, college students in college, and working workers will have a difficult time – anxiety, worry, confusion, involution, overtime, thinking too much, poor sleep, tired to cry.

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When you think too much, stop in time, drink up your anxious thoughts in time, and act instead.

1. Correctly understand the reasons for your anxiety.

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List the things you are anxious about one by one, and then look for solutions one by one.

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No money – low salary, still big money. Make a good career plan for yourself, start saving money, start cutting some unnecessary expenses.

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Appearance anxiety – exercise well when you are not in good shape, take good care when your skin is not good, match well when your clothes are not good, and cultivate your temperament.

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If you just think too much, but don’t change, don’t act, stay where you are forever.

2. Keep exercising.

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Exercise is a cure for anxiety and a cure for yourself. Hold on for a day, and your mood will be clearer that day.

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30 minutes of exercise time every day, after exercising, start to sweat, consume your energy, go back and pack yourself up, start to rest, and give yourself a good quality of sleep.

3. Rest properly.

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If you feel tired, take a good rest.

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Pay attention to rest when you are very tired from work. When you look at your phone for a long time, put down your phone and close your eyes to rest. When you have dealt with a lot of things, put down what you are doing and think about nothing. When you are depressed, go out for a walk, look at the scenery, look at the beautiful sky, and let your mood relax and be happy.

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Be sure to pay attention to the signals sent by your body, combine work and rest, and pay attention to your health.

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Don’t let small troubles in life affect your smile at the sky. Pay attention to spiritual health.

4. Keep a good attitude.

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Anytime you have a good attitude, you will improve a little bit more than others. In life, study, and work, have a good attitude, don’t put so much pressure on yourself, and you will naturally get better.

5. Eat well, sleep well, and be in a good mood.

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When you don’t eat lunch because of your poor performance at work today, when you go home because you are too lazy to move, you don’t eat dinner, when you are unhappy because of your work today, spend your evening time splurging, stay up late and play with your mobile phone, when you are because of some other people’s words. It is difficult to feel better when you are thinking about whether you have done something bad.

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Please have a regular life. Do these three little things every day, I really can’t get anxious.

6. Keep reading.

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Reading is a good habit, you can read all kinds of books, things you are interested in, work-related, history-related, these will give you more topics when talking to others.

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Read well, read patiently, read more books, everything will be different.

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The more you know, the less trouble you have.

7. Know yourself.

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Understand yourself clearly, including your own hobbies, good at direction, including your own way of speaking and communication, including the circle of contacts around you, and then choose the short items to change.

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Learn to recognize yourself, see your own shortcomings and advantages, improve your shortcomings according to your abilities, and maintain your advantages.

8. Accept yourself.

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Accept your own imperfections, and accept the imperfections of those around you, and don’t take the rejection and denial of others as evidence that you are not good enough.

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If you can’t change the environment, try to change yourself. If you can’t change yourself, learn to accept yourself and reconcile with yourself.

9. Highly confident.

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Learn to encourage yourself. A good day starts with encouraging yourself, getting up, breathing fresh air, smiling, and comparing yourself to life.

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Affirm yourself in time. You are good, you deserve it, and you can do it. Reward yourself for what you accomplish. If you don’t achieve the expected effect, you will be ashamed of your dedication to the process.

10. There are 1-3 people who can communicate with each other.

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When you encounter something, the people around you who can talk to are very valuable.

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When you meet people who can communicate with each other in life, remember to cherish your fate with each other, get along well, encourage each other, and give each other strength and support.

11. Stay away from unreliable people.

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The circle is clean, and the mood is different.

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Unreliable people will really lower your mood. Stay away from people who often complain, stay away from people who often suppress you, stay away from people who do nothing, stay away from sarcastic people, and stay away from people who don’t count.

12. Complain less, don’t complain.

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This depends on the individual. When you find that the number of complaints is increasing, you should correct it in time.

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When you want to stay away from the complaining people around you, be a less complaining person yourself.

13. When there is no love, live well and work hard.

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When you are in a relationship, you may not have such deep feelings. When I don’t reply to your messages in time, being busy is one of the factors, and more factors, I still don’t care enough.

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Don’t take love as everything in your life, you still have dreams, you still have a career, and you still have things you want to do.

14. Do more of what you love.

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When you like to listen to music, close your eyes, listen well, enjoy the atmosphere and relax.

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When you like to practice calligraphy, find a copybook, practice a page of paper, calm down, and remove the dust from your heart.

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When you like to run, go for a 5,000-meter run. During the run, the bad emotions drift away with the wind and are hearty.

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When I like flowers and plants, I plant a pot of green plants by myself, water them regularly, and watch the growth process of green plants, my heart becomes quiet ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ).

15. Schedule a trip for yourself.

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Within your own conditions, arrange a tour for yourself and go outside to see.

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Literary point of view is: I came to the world for two things, one is to feel tenderness, and the other is to appreciate the mountains and rivers.

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When you are confused, say yes: When you can’t find the answer, go to this world and take a look.

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When traveling with a couple, I said yes: seeing mountains is mountains, seeing water is water, and seeing you is the whole world.

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Of course, it is more to let you experience some different life, different scenery, re-understand yourself, and go to this world more. It is also possible to do a good strategy, not to go too far, and not to spend too much money.

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When you stop thinking too much, but really do the little things that are beneficial to you, exercise, run, read, connect with the right people, share life, etc., and stick to it for a long time, you will find that your life is full of new expectations and yearning.

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