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2y3k » 21 Habits of Delicate Women

21 Habits of Delicate Women

Other Article: 21 Habits of Delicate Women

21 Habits of Delicate Women

1. Pay attention to the image

01. Go out and wear makeup, what makeup to wear for any occasion, and usually wear a light makeup

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Lipstick and makeup air cushion will be carried with you in the bag. After eating, you will replenish your makeup in time, and paper towels will also be carried with you.

02. Dress and accessories are very particular, what clothes to wear for what occasion

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There are never more than three colors to wear, and there are primary and secondary requirements for the matching of accessories on the body, and the color of the bag must complement the clothes.

03. Stand in a standing position, sit in a sitting position, and eat in a eating manner

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Whether standing or sitting, they are very elegant, generous and decent. They will not lean against the wall against the pillar, nor will they open their legs, nor will they swagger left and right when walking.

04. Speak decently and generously, with a humble tone

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Talk to people gently and modestly, not loudly, not arrogant.

05. Maintain a good figure

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I will insist on exercising every day, maintain a body that is not fat or thin, and be able to wear thin clothes and strip with meat.

2. Pay attention to maintenance

06. Love to drink boiled water, and ensure that the water volume is sufficient a day, not less than 8 glasses of water

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Never drink carbohydrate drinks, hardly touch coffee, and drink less red wine every day, which not only promotes blood circulation but also beauty and beauty.

07. Eat healthy and regular, maintain balanced nutrition

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Never eat junk food, and don’t eat or drink in front of delicious food. Generally, they put down their chopsticks when they are full.

08. Work and rest rules, never stay up late

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Get at least 7 hours of sleep every day, and take a nap at noon.

09. Take care of your skin, apply sunscreen, and apply a mask every day

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You must take care of your skin every morning and evening, apply sunscreen all year round, exfoliate once a week, do a facial cleanse, and apply a hydrating mask every day.

10. Control your weight and don’t make yourself fat or too thin

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Never let yourself have a big belly, thick arms and thick thighs, let alone high blood pressure and low blood sugar, and maintain a healthy body.

11. Soak your feet every night, and massage and maintain your feet from time to time

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Before going to bed, I will soak my feet for 15 minutes, and use a clean foot towel. After use, I will wash them in time and put them in a fixed position. Then give the feet a maintenance and massage. The feet are the furthest from the heart, so they cannot be ignored.

3. Pay attention to hygiene

12. Brush your teeth morning and night, change your toothbrush frequently

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You must brush your teeth every morning and evening, carry mouthwash in your bag, and change your toothbrush every month.

13. Change tights and pants frequently, change sheets and quilts frequently

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Underwear is changed every day and washed every day, bed sheets and quilts are changed every two weeks, and laundry detergents for sterilization and mite removal are commonly used.

14. Neat face and neat hair

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No matter how late you must remove makeup, you must take a shower if you sweat, your hair will never wait for oil to wash, you will wash it once every two or three days, the towel for wiping your hair will be cleaned in time, and the hair that falls out of the shampoo will be cleaned up in time.

15. Keep it tidy and spotless

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The home is always clean and tidy, the room is cleaned every day, and the work position is also clean and not messy.

4. Pay attention to connotation

16. Do things well and know how to be measured, stick to the bottom line and have principles

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Focus on the issue rather than the person, always right and wrong, do not talk big, do not gossip, will not make up.

17. Gentle and decent speech, generous and elegant

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Speak never against anyone, let alone interrupt others, not to steal the limelight, not to quarrel with others.

18. Be kind to others and be honest with others

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Do what you say, never feel inferior or proud, treat people honestly and kindly, and give people a feeling of being approachable.

19. Love to learn and understand independence

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Will not die reading, will grow in learning, financially will make themselves independent, more willing to invest in the improvement of their own abilities, never attached to others.

20. Love life, love yourself, don’t compare.

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People live not only work, but also poetry and distance. In their spare time, they will also enjoy life, pursue a happy distance, and never compare with others.

21. Be calm and never complain

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Never complain about unfair people and things, be able to reconcile yourself, never complain about injustice in the world, have a tolerant heart, and maintain a peaceful mind.

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A delicate woman never cares about the eyes and evaluations of others, nor does she rely on others. She knows how to love herself, live for herself, be herself all the time, and know how to live, love, and enjoy life more.

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