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2y3k » 8 Thinking Habits That Make People Poorer

8 Thinking Habits That Make People Poorer

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1. Spend a lot of time waiting or looking

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I used to spend a lot of time waiting and looking for money in order to save a few dollars and tens of dollars, such as taking the bus and buying special clothes. I remember once when I went to work and missed a bus, I started to complain about why I couldn’t leave the house two or three minutes earlier, and I didn’t want to take a taxi to the company, because the bus only costs two dollars, and the taxi costs more than ten dollars, so I just waited for the next one, waited and waited, and the car still didn’t come. I became more and more anxious and unhappy. Because I was afraid of being late, I finally paid for a taxi to go to the company. As a result, I was still late, so I was not happy all day. If I could take a taxi to the company in time when I missed the bus, I would not be late, and I would not be unhappy because of being late all day, which would affect my work status all day.

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Another example is to buy clothes. In order to save dozens of dollars, I went to the whole street and browsed all the stores to see if it could be cheaper by tens of dollars. I spent a lot of time and energy to pick and negotiate the price. Finally, I went back to the first store to buy that dress.

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All of these are completely without considering the cost of our own time, and the small loses the big. So we should throw away these thoughts as soon as possible, let our time play a greater value, and make ourselves more decisive and agile.

2. Spend your body to make hard money

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If you feel that you are poor and need to make more money, you spend a lot of time and energy doing odd jobs everywhere, not giving yourself time to rest, let alone time to study, making yourself more and more tired, and finally your body may be exhausted. This kind of behavior puts the cart before the horse, and pays all the hard-earned money for medical expenses, leaving nothing left. So get rid of this kind of thinking as soon as possible, don’t over-consume your body in order to make money, your body is gone, and there is nothing left.

3. Do everything yourself, don’t trust others

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Some people are born with a mother’s heart. For example, when you hand over things to others, you are always worried. You tell them again and again that they can’t do it well, and finally you do it yourself. This kind of thinking is completely unnecessary. It wastes your own time, not to mention consumes your own energy. Besides, you only need 24 hours a day by yourself. If you don’t trust others to do things, you won’t have more time to improve yourself and make your time more and more valuable.

4. I like to pass the buck. If something goes wrong, it’s someone else’s fault.

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Whether it is life or work, as long as there is a problem, the first idea is not to solve the problem, but to shirk responsibility and take yourself clean, for fear of taking a little responsibility. Sometimes, even in order not to take responsibility, you don’t care about anything and don’t strive for it. This kind of thinking must be thrown away as soon as possible, otherwise you will never be able to progress, and you will never be able to bear a little change in things.

5. Blame your unsuccess on bad family or bad luck

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When something fails to be done, it is either due to their bad luck or their bad birth. No good family can help them. They never reflect on where the problem of unsuccess occurs, nor summarize the reasons for their unsuccess. We must throw away this weak thinking as soon as possible, otherwise we will never wait for the day of success.

6. I don’t like to make friends, I feel that making friends costs money

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When friends invite them out to dinner, they always refuse, because they feel that a dinner invitation is an invitation, and in the end they have to spend their own money. As the old saying goes: one more friend, one more way. For some dinners, you have to go, don’t be afraid to spend money, many business opportunities are discussed during dinner invitations between friends.

7. I don’t like to travel, I think travel is a waste of money

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Some friends feel that traveling is a waste of money, because they feel that traveling outside is to see flowers, trees, high-rise buildings, lakes and seas. There is no need. It is better to stay at home by yourself, comfortable or not, and you don’t need to spend money. This kind of thinking is also lost as soon as possible. Traveling is for you to see, feel and comprehend, not to walk around.

8. I don’t like others to live better than myself, I feel that others are not as good as myself

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When others live better than themselves, they always feel that others are not as good as themselves. Why can others live so well? They never see the advantages of others, and always use the shortcomings of others to deny others. This kind of thinking is also lost as soon as possible. Everyone has their own shining points. We should discover more shining points of others, appreciate and praise them, and learn to improve.

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