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2y3k » 36 Life Tips for Becoming Beautiful

36 Life Tips for Becoming Beautiful

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36 Life Tips for Becoming Beautiful

1. Get up in the morning and drink a glass of warm water.

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The first thing you do when you wake up every day is not to get your phone, but to get your thermos and pour a glass of water.

2. Get up in the morning and do a 10-minute stretch.

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After drinking warm water, remember to stretch your body, wake up your body, and unclog your meridians.

3. Get up in the morning and jog for 30 minutes, then stretch for another 10 minutes.

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After stretching your body, go jogging downstairs in the community for 30 minutes to completely relax your body and energize your spirit.

4. Brush your teeth for 3 minutes before breakfast.

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Brush your teeth before breakfast. When you slept last night, the food residue and the bacteria in the mouth will ferment, and there are a lot of metabolites, so you must brush your teeth first, and the brushing should not be less than three minutes, which not only ensures health but also maintains a large white tooth.

5. For breakfast, be sure to remember to eat an egg.

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Eggs are rich in protein, which can improve our immunity and enhance our resistance.

6. Apply sunscreen to your skin care in the morning.

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Sunscreen can help the skin block ultraviolet rays, prevent the skin from being tanned and sunburned, and at the same time delay the effect of skin aging to a certain extent.

7. Put on a light makeup and a suitable lipstick.

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A light makeup on a daily basis can not only protect the skin of our face but also enhance our self-confidence. Putting on a suitable lipstick will make your whole person look radiant and look good.

8. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

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Drinking enough eight glasses of water a day is good for metabolism, eliminates waste from the body, and keeps the body well hydrated. In addition, it can beautify the face, make the skin smoother and more elastic, and help promote fat burning and weight loss.

9. After sitting for an hour, you will get up and move for 3 to 5 minutes.

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Sitting for a long time can lead to problems such as obesity, spinal disease and indigestion. Getting up and moving for 3 to 5 minutes regularly can give a tired body a positive rest and allow people to enter study and work with energy.

10. 2 to 3 hours will relax your eyes and do an eye exercise.

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Eyes are the windows to our soul, we must protect our eyes.

11. Drink a glass of brown sugar water every day.

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Drinking a glass of brown sugar water every day can provide energy, strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach, relieve fatigue and restore physical strength. In addition, it can also resist aging and oxidation, and has the effect of beauty and beauty.

12. Keep the habit of drinking honey lemonade.

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Honey lemonade is rich in vitamins, which can moisturize the intestines, enhance appetite, generate body fluid and quench thirst, enhance immunity, and can also beautify the face and prevent freckles and melasma.

13. Eat more vegetables with meals.

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Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber, which is conducive to stimulating gastrointestinal peristalsis, which can improve intestinal function to a certain extent, and can also promote defecation and help improve mild constipation.

14. Every once in a while, you will buy fruit to reward yourself.

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Fruit contains a lot of vitamins, carbohydrates and appropriate protein, which can play a good role in regulating the nutrition of the human body. In addition, it can also delay aging and smooth the skin, which is of great benefit to the adjustment of the internal environment in the body and the removal of free radicals.

15. Hardly drink coffee, no carbohydrate beverages.

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Regular drinking of coffee will increase the phenomenon of insomnia in the human body, affect the health of the heart, aggravate high blood pressure and induce osteoporosis, etc., and is particularly prone to symptoms of myocardial infarction.

16. Eat on time and don’t eat junk snacks.

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Eating on time and eating regularly can improve the excitability of the feeding center, make the food eaten regularly digest and absorb, promote diet, and also keep your stomach from being damaged and replenish sufficient calories.

17. Lunch break for 10 to 20 minutes.

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The lunch break not only rests the eyes and brain, but also replenishes energy, and can also make the mind more agile and do a short self-repair.

18. Stand for 15 minutes after eating.

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Standing against the wall for 15 minutes after a meal can promote the digestion and absorption of food, and can also exercise the balance of the human body and the strength of the lower limbs, which can consume calorie and help lose weight.

19. Eat slowly and don’t worry.

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Chew food and swallow it, which can help the stomach digest food, thereby promoting human digestion, and can also suppress appetite and help lose weight.

20. Sit upright without crossing Erlang’s legs.

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Often crossing Erlang’s legs will affect the shape of the legs, and it will also cause the pelvis to be high on one side and low on the other.

21. Don’t squat to eat, don’t be picky eaters.

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Eating while squatting can lead to problems such as limited gastrointestinal function and limited blood circulation. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat while squatting, let alone picky eaters, which will affect insufficient nutritional supplementation.

22. Generally, don’t order takeout, make it yourself or go to the cafeteria to eat.

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Many takeaways are unclean and affect health.

23. Exercise for more than 30 minutes after get off work and sweat.

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Sweating helps to protect the skin on the surface of the body, moisturize the skin, detoxify, prevent cancer, and improve the body’s immunity.

24. Eat dinner early and not eat much, less and more.

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After dinner, the general amount of exercise will be less, and the digestion will be slower, so eat less breakfast, reduce the burden on the stomach, and improve our sleep quality.

25. Malatang never eats barbecue skewers at roadside stalls.

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Roadside stalls are very unclean, with too much Mala Tang pigment, which is very unhealthy.

26. Remove makeup and skin care at night.

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Clean your skin, unclog your pores, restore your skin to cleanliness, complete a complete skin care routine, and go to bed ready to go to sleep before 11pm.

27. Apply a hydrating mask every other day.

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The ingredients of the moisturizing mask are relatively simple, so you can choose to use it every other day or every day, so that the skin can quickly replenish moisture every day.

28. Apply a hot towel to your face for 5 minutes before applying the mask.

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Applying a hot towel to the face can open pores and promote blood circulation. At this time, applying the mask can completely absorb the nutrients inside and better replenish skin moisture.

29. Change underwear and panties daily.

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Changing underwear every day can keep underwear clean and prevent more bacterial infections.

30. Soak your feet for 15 minutes every night.

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Foot soaking can promote blood circulation and improve the quality of our sleep.

31. Soak your feet with 5 drops of essential oil.

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Foot soaking and putting essential oil can effectively relieve muscle soreness, improve sleep quality, and make the skin of the feet fine and shiny.

32. Massage the soles of the feet for 10 minutes a day.

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Massaging the soles of the feet can relieve the fatigue of the feet, relieve the tendons and collaterals, promote local blood circulation, and also have a good effect on the regulation of liver, spleen and kidney functions.

33. Don’t look at your phone after 11pm.

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Put your phone away before going to bed, and don’t lie in bed and look at your phone, which will greatly affect the quality of sleep.

34. You must brush your teeth before going to bed at night.

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Brushing your teeth before going to bed can effectively remove food debris in your mouth, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria. This not only protects the health of your teeth, but also effectively prevents caries and gum disease.

35. Read books for more than 30 minutes a day.

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Maintain the habit of reading books every day, you can cultivate your body and mind, cultivate your sentiments, and gain more knowledge and improve your thinking.

36. Stretch and relax before bed.

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Stretching before going to bed can relax our mind and relax our tired body, which is conducive to the repair of our body and improves the quality of our sleep.

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