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2y3k » How to exercise a person’s ability to deal with problems?

How to exercise a person’s ability to deal with problems?

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If you want a person’s capacity enhancement to deal with problems, there is only one way – to deal with more problems and sum up experience. The key is to grasp the thinking and rhythm of dealing with problems.

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We always envy those who are not flustered in the face of problems, have ideas to solve problems, and have methods to deal with problems. Working with such people will always be very reassuring, so how can we improve our ability to deal with problems?

1. Develop the habit of thinking more

  1. Analyze the cause, impact and essence of the problem. No matter what problem you encounter, you need to know the cause of the problem, so that when you solve the problem, pay attention to the demands of all parties.
  2. Propose solutions, propose as many solutions as possible to a problem, and then revise the solutions in the process of solving, knowing that there are always more solutions than problems.

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You must know that many problems we encounter in the workplace are similar, and there are basically certain solutions. So first collect similar problems and solutions to this problem, and analyze the similarities and differences of the problems. Each problem has certain particularities. Combined with the solutions and methods of similar problems, let yourself propose solutions to the current problems.

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To solve any problem, you need to think first. Blindly starting to do it will only get twice the result with half the effort, and your ability to deal with problems will not be improved, and even the wrong method will be regarded as the right method.

2. Good communication skills

Other Article: How to exercise a person’s ability to deal with problems?

In the workplace, we all complete work tasks through collaboration. When we cooperate with others, communication is indispensable. Good communication can solve problems quickly. If you have poor communication skills, it may cause problems to be delayed or even cause new problems to appear.

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A few days ago, the customer sent a document for our technical colleagues to review. I forwarded the document to the technical colleagues, told them to review it, and gave an opinion on the review. Not long after, the technical colleague replied: “These contents are in the documents we provided before, please refer to the documents for execution”. I explained: “The documents we provide cover all situations. The customer only needs information on the status of this project, and has edited the document. Please review it”. The technical colleague replied: “No need, it is in the previous document, and it should not be doing this work. If you must do it, please contact our leader.”

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After listening to it, I reflected on my language and found a problem. For the technician, he does not face the customer, so he cannot accept the customer’s reason, thinking that doing this is unnecessary. For me, I need to help the customer solve the problem, and this problem must be supported by technical colleagues.

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The essence of this problem is to ask him to review the document for comments, not to tear the problem itself. So how can he review the document? Yes, it is the fastest to directly ask his supervisor to arrange it! Later, he emailed the matter to his supervisor and asked his supervisor to arrange for the staff to review it, and the matter was solved.

3. Good psychological quality

  1. Be calm: Not everything can be solved quickly. Maybe it takes a long time to solve a problem, and it also requires the cooperation of many people, and the time will be relatively long. For example: the development of new drugs is a long process, and it is rarely successful, but this thing must be done. After a long time, the experiment has no results, and some people cannot accept it. Sometimes after a long period of experimentation, the drug research and development has a little result, and you can’t wait to announce it to the world, and you may end up laughing. So no matter what problem you deal with, you must be calm and steady yourself.
  2. Control your emotions: The quality of your emotions will have a great impact on the decisions we make. Don’t make major decisions when you are emotionally unstable. When cooperating in the workplace, there will always be some people who do not do well, which affects the progress and quality of the team. As a member of the team, you must be able to control your emotions. In this way, the team will not be troubled by negative emotions, and it is the same for doing things by yourself. Only by controlling your emotions can you make the right decision.
  3. Open-minded: Promotion in the workplace is always inseparable from the support of achievements. Some people are careful and always regard the achievements of the team as their own achievements, and they also publicize them everywhere, as if the team would achieve nothing without him. Such people are destined to be unable to gain the respect of others. People with strong abilities and good superiors are open-minded and will not compete with others. Such people are also very influential and have a strong ability to deal with problems. They think that there are many people willing to help them.

4. Know how to work around

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To solve a problem, you need to see the essence through the problem, and at the same time, you need keen insight. A problem appears in different periods, and different people have different solutions. So in addition to analyzing the problem, you also need to gain insight into the people and things related to the problem, and grasp the main contradiction to solve it.

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If you want to exercise the ability to deal with problems, you must learn to think about problems and propose solutions. When you solve more problems, when you face problems, you will have confidence in your heart, and solutions will pop up in your mind unconsciously.

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Problems always exist, but there can be many solutions. Different solutions are used in different situations. Learning to be flexible, understanding the nature of the problem, and being able to solve the problem is the key.

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