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2y3k » 42 good habits worth sticking to for a long time

42 good habits worth sticking to for a long time

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The premise of becoming good is to have good habits, and developing a good habit is not achieved overnight. It takes time to change, daily persistence, and personal effort.
Adhere to a good habit every day, change it little by little, accumulate over time, work hard and stick to it, and you will gradually become better.
Maintaining good habits is a person’s highest self-discipline.

  1. Don’t interrupt others and know how to respect. In talking with people, interrupting others is an extremely disrespectful behavior, and developing the habit of not interrupting others is the beginning of knowing how to listen. The longer you stick to this habit, the better you will be.
  2. Don’t talk big, don’t fool. People who love to talk big are a manifestation of lack of self-confidence. When you develop the habit of talking big, you will be labeled unreliable, often not trusted, and will lead to more and more inferiority in your heart.
  3. Be good at listening, not ignoring. People who are good at listening in conversations are often very intelligent and will leave a good impression on people that you are generous, understanding, and an open-minded, studious and trustworthy person.
  4. Watch people talk and be polite. When talking to people, it is very polite to watch people talk, not whisper, and not engage in small actions.
  5. Observe with your heart and don’t misinterpret it. Don’t comment on things you don’t see with your own eyes, or speculate. Even if you see them with your own eyes, some things may not be all facts, so you must develop a good habit of observing with your heart and prove it with facts.
  6. Keep your back straight and don’t bow your head. Walk with a straight back and don’t bow your head. At the same time, being a person is also about having a bottom line and principles, doing things upright, and being an innocent person. Tao Yuanming said: People don’t bow down for five buckets of rice. Develop this good habit, be able to come and go freely, and have a clear conscience.
  7. Keep a kind heart and think about the good in everything. People who maintain a kind heart for a long time live a very positive and optimistic life. They don’t complain when they encounter things, and they will think about the good in everything. People who maintain a kind heart for a long time often live an easy life.
  8. Always be grateful and repay your kindness. People who are often grateful are very kind, do not disguise themselves, treat others with sincerity from beginning to end, and develop a good habit of gratitude, which is a person’s greatest upbringing.
  9. Call your parents regularly. Regular calls to your parents to report safety and chatter are the best consolation for your parents.
  10. Regular physical examinations for yourself and your parents. Regular physical examinations are the warmest gift for parents, and health always comes first.
  11. Eat on time and eat a balanced diet. Eating on time every day, three meals a day, regular diet, no picky eaters, balanced nutrition, and developing a good habit of eating on time is the best gift for yourself.
  12. Go to bed on time and get enough sleep. Develop a good habit of going to bed on time to ensure adequate sleep, beauty and beauty, and improve immunity and resistance.
  13. Don’t leave your fingernails too long, trim your fingernails and toenails regularly. Regular trimming of your nails can ensure cleanliness and avoid inconvenience to your life and harm to your body.
  14. Drink water often, and your mouth is not dry. Drinking water regularly can ensure that the body is fully hydrated, and it can also ensure that the lips are not chapped. Develop a good habit of drinking water, which can improve immunity and clear the intestines and defecate.
  15. Always look into the distance and relax your eyes. Set an alarm clock during work, work for 2 to 3 hours, and often look into the distance, which can relax your eyes and solve the problem of eye fatigue.
  16. Always lift your hands up to stretch and relax your shoulders. When relaxing your eyes, you can lift your hands up and stretch, which can also relax your shoulders, relieve neck fatigue, and prevent cervical spondylosis periarthritis.
  17. Move around often and relax your body. After working for a long time, often stand up and move around, relax your body, relieve brain fatigue, and prevent lumbar spondylosis and big belly.
  18. Meditate often and relax. After working for a long time, you can also close your eyes and meditate, which can not only protect your eyes, but also relax your mind, and relieve stress and anxiety.
  19. Wash your hands frequently. Wash your hands before meals and after the toilet. Illness enters through the mouth, so always pay attention to personal hygiene.
  20. Wear a mask when you go out. It is a virtue to wear a mask when you go out during the epidemic. You can also wear a mask when you go out, which can prevent dust and small bugs.
  21. Get up and open the windows for ventilation. Develop a good habit of getting up and opening the windows, which can not only ventilate, but also usher in a good mood.
  22. Wash the replaced underwear in time. Wash the underwear you change every day in time to prevent the breeding of more bacteria and develop a good habit of paying attention to personal hygiene.
  23. Put the used things back in place. In life and work, the used things should be put back in place in time, so that it is convenient for others to use and for themselves to use next time to avoid loss.
  24. Don’t procrastinate, finish today’s work today. Seriously finish the daily tasks, don’t procrastinate, and do it today. This is the most efficient and good habit for work.
  25. Be good at rejecting, not being brave. Don’t be brave because of face for things you can’t do. Reject when you should, otherwise you will lose more face.
  26. Keep a normal mind and don’t be angry with the mistakes of others. Whether it is life or work, you must get used to maintaining a normal mind, and don’t be angry and torn by the mistakes made by others.
  27. Ask yourself why before you lose your temper. Before you lose your temper, keep a good habit of asking yourself the three words “why” first, you will be more rational and sober, and you will not lose your temper because of negative emotions.
  28. Save money regularly. Maintain the good habit of saving a sum of money every month when you pay your salary. Save 70% of your salary and stick to it. You will become richer and richer in the future, and you will have money available when you need money urgently.
  29. Keep exercising. Keep the good habit of exercising every day, your body will be better and your spirit will be more energetic.
  30. Keep reading, read a book for a while before going to bed, and recharge your brain every day.
  31. “Cheer up” yourself every day and keep a good habit of smiling.
  32. Arrive early for work. Arrive at the company 20 minutes early for work, you will have more time to organize your mood and tasks of the day, and improve your work efficiency.
  33. Take notes in meetings. Company leaders must have a good habit of taking notes in meetings. This is your attitude towards work, and the boss will see it and keep it in mind.
  34. Go to bed without a mobile phone. The mobile phone not only has radiation, but also affects the quality of sleep.
  35. Mute your phone before going to bed to ensure a quiet sleep environment.
  36. Things have a beginning and an end. Keep the good habit of doing only one thing at a time, do things well, do the best, don’t give up halfway, fish for three days and dry the net for two days, you must have a beginning and an end.
  37. Focus on doing one thing. Concentrate and stay focused when doing things, which will improve the efficiency and completion of things, and make it easier to succeed.
  38. Stay away from ineffective social interaction. No matter what age you are, keep the good habit of breaking up and staying away from ineffective social interaction. This is the most advanced beginning of your life.
  39. Stay away from bad people and bad things. Stay away from those bad people and bad things in life and work as soon as possible. This is the most effective good habit for you to regulate your emotions. Only with good emotions can you have a better life.
  40. Daily record. Insist on daily recording of good people and good deeds in life, success at work, and friendliness among colleagues. This is a very good habit, which not only represents your attitude towards life, but also leaves good memories.
  41. Daily reflection. Maintaining the good habit of daily reflection is the greatest driving force for your progress and a convenient channel for your success.
  42. Daily review. Maintain the good habit of daily review. This is the most effective way for you to digest knowledge and accumulate knowledge. It is of great significance and cannot be ignored.

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If people want to change their destiny, they must first change themselves, continue to improve themselves, let themselves have more good habits, and live a better life.
Now, immediately, act immediately, live up to the time, live up to yourself, work hard, and you will meet a better self.

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