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2y3k » The smartest way to live after retirement: Take the initiative to break up with 4 types of people, no matter who they are

The smartest way to live after retirement: Take the initiative to break up with 4 types of people, no matter who they are

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At different stages of life, people often have different moods, and they also have different understandings and pursuits for life. When they were young, they went through many detours and missed many people, so they naturally suffered a lot of losses. This is understandable. After all, they had too little life experience at that time, and they had no idea that human nature could be so realistic and complex.

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After middle age, many people slowly see clearly, and many things are slowly seen through. At this time, compared with picking up when we were young, we should learn to let go.

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Those who are not worth dating should be cut off. There is no need to make yourself aggrieved for the so-called face. Those things that are not worth being sad, let go if you can. Sometimes the more you care about it, the more tired you are.

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At this stage, knowing how to please yourself is the most important thing.

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Especially after retirement, the smartest way to live is to take the initiative to break up with the following four kinds of people, no matter who it is. Only by keeping your circle clean can you live as happily and easily as possible.

1: It will only consume your friends

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Many times, the reason why we live unhappily is not because we can’t see it, but because there are many people around us who consume us. Some friends look like they are friends with you on the surface, but in fact, they not only have no sincerity for you, but they want to use it in every possible way.

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In the face of such people, we don’t need to be soft-hearted. The more soft-hearted we are, the easier it is to make ourselves suffer.

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Xiao Zhao had signed up for a driver’s license test at a driving school run by a friend before, but he failed the third subject test many times, and it cost a total of more than 7,000 to add the cost of the make-up test. Originally, it was better than a refund, but when Xiao Zhao asked for it, the other party refused in every possible way and made a lot of excuses.

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Later, Xiao Zhao wondered if he deliberately didn’t let himself live? Not refunding the money was also in the plan. But he only suspected that there was no evidence. In order not to make trouble with each other, he could only eat this dumb loss.

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This kind of friend who will only consume you or take advantage of you, there is really no need to communicate. Sometimes the more real-world friends are, the more convenient it is to deceive people. If you believe him, this dumb loss may be suffered.

2: Will only take advantage of your snobbish relatives

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There is a saying that appropriately expresses the reality of human nature: the poor are in the busy city and no one asks, and the rich have distant relatives in the deep mountains.

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Why does this happen? Because many people are powerful in their bones, you have a good life, and they all want to get some light, so they will try their best to get close to you and have a good relationship with you.

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You are not having a good time, it is not of much value to them, and they naturally do not want to spend time and energy costs to build a relationship with you.

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It can be said that such snobbish relatives bring us only disappointment and harm. Even if there is a blood relationship, there is no need to give sincerity, because you can’t warm their thin and selfish hearts.

3: I will only be jealous of you and jealous of your old colleagues

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Some people say that you can never treat colleagues as friends, no matter how good their relationship with you is on the surface, because between you, it is essentially a competitive relationship.

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People are realistic. When it comes to their own interests, the first thing they think of is themselves. When necessary, they will even step on you and walk up, not caring about the harm to you at all.

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In this case, if you have no reservations about your colleague, you are putting yourself in a very dangerous situation, because you don’t know when he will betray you.

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Usually, it is necessary to guard against such colleagues, and after retirement, you must know how to keep your distance. Those old colleagues who will only be jealous of you and jealous of you and can’t see you doing well should disconnect as soon as possible.

4: Neighbors who always slander you and speak ill of you behind your back

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Neighbors generally do not have too deep friendship or blood relationship, but they do not look up because they live together, so at this time, necessary exchanges are inevitable.

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But some neighbors are always uneasy and well-meaning. They speculate without knowing you, and even slander you behind your back, resulting in your reputation getting worse and worse.

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For example, if you always wear delicate makeup and work late, they will question your work, and then spread the word around that such neighbors are afraid that the world will not be chaotic, stay away, and their world will be quieter.

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Retired, having a clean circle is far more important than we think.

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For the rest of the time, we can only learn to break away in order to make our steps easier. If we carry too many things, it will be difficult to even breathe, let alone enjoy the scenery on the road.

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I hope each of us can have good interpersonal relationships and don’t let them consume themselves.

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