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2y3k » 10 job tips to make you a better and better person

10 job tips to make you a better and better person

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Doing a good job or not affects not only our promotions, but even the wages we get.

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No matter what your current job performance is, you can always do better than you did yesterday. As long as you can focus on constantly improving your skills and learning new things, it will boost your self-confidence and make you a better person.

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But the question is, how can you improve your efficiency in doing things and learning?

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Here are 10 “tips” that will go a long way towards improving your job performance and your professional development. As long as you develop the habit of using it consciously.

1. Set milestones

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The so-called “milestone” is a certain stage goal, things and tasks that need to be completed at a certain period of time.

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Setting milestones can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We are born with a goal-oriented action-oriented mentality and a tendency to build challenging goals.

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We can certainly be “bold” when setting goals to improve job performance. The problem is that if goals are too big, we can’t hold them, and it’s harder to get them done.

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And by breaking down some big personal and professional projects into smaller pieces and setting milestones, you can stay motivated every time you complete one.

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Setting personal success metrics to analyze your goals is also very helpful when it comes to keeping morale and energy high. Track progress, allow yourself to enjoy success (as small as possible) and share it with your team.

2. Organize, plan and prioritize

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Organizing, prioritizing and planning your daily work schedule is critical to improving job performance.

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Break down large projects into small tasks, set deadlines and prioritize states for each task, and you’ll keep the desire and pressure to get it done.

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Considering how much time it takes to complete each task, and combining the most urgent and important tasks with the next day’s schedule, you’ll find yourself acting more efficiently.

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When listing your to-do list, it’s best to be reasonable. Because if you want to make sure you can do everything you set out to accomplish, it’s much better to set realistic goals than to exceed them by a lot.

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Making detailed plans ahead of time is also useful for determining which tasks can be postponed (to free up time for more urgent, valuable tasks), and which tasks can be delegated without compromising results.

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Never forget that in order to be able to prioritize tasks, you have to learn how to say no to things that are “not important” or “not urgent”.

3. Stay focused and avoid distractions

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Distraction is the number one enemy of productivity among the most productive professionals in the world. I have written about this in many previous articles.

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In short, working to avoid distractions at work is the most important rule for improving work efficiency.

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Never forget your goals and journey. Every time you want to waste time swiping Moments, watching a short video, or watching your favorite TV channel, remember the dangers that come with doing so.

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Sustainable improvement is part of a slow development process, but it can lead to continuous progress. Make sure to keep this in mind: before starting a new task, focus on performing one step at a time and completing the previous task.

4. Handling interrupts

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Do you know how many interruptions you have in the course of a day? The more interruptions you have, the longer it will take you to complete tasks.

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Interruptions come in all sizes and shapes, and learning how to avoid them is critical to improving job performance.

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Whether it’s a friend calling you out to play, being interrupted by a boss chatting, or being interrupted by a family member breaking into your room, these are all part of the “interruption”.

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Interruptions are dangerous. They can make you lose focus and waste time you previously assigned to tasks, increasing the risk of being late.

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So, learning how to deal with interruptions will be very helpful for your learning and doing things.

5. Do one thing at a time (don’t do too many tasks!)

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Most people claim to be experts in multitasking. They might think so, but multitasking, in fact, has the only consequence of compromising the quality of work.

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I used to think that multitasking meant that I was a super capable person, and I always worked on two or three tasks at the same time and stopped doing things to help colleagues.

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While feeling multitasking can make you feel like you’re getting more done in a short amount of time, it’s actually the opposite.

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Whenever you start doing more than one thing at a time, take a step back, determine which task is more important, and focus entirely on that task.

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Completing one task at a time can make you faster, less stressed, and less prone to mistakes.

6. Don’t leave out unfinished things

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Another habit that can “erode” our efficiency is missing something you need to accomplish today, which is procrastination or the result of trying to multitask.

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Do you remember the projects you decided to do yesterday but ended up abandoning?

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New Year’s resolutions, sticking to exercise, developing a new habit, etc., these goals seem great at first, but after a while, they go straight back to your to-do list.

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Don’t let this happen. Get into the habit of keeping track of every project you complete and rewarding yourself for it.

7. Read something new every day

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The world around us is changing every moment.

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And reading is the best way to understand the world, society, and trends and technological changes in different industries, so that we can stay updated and stay competitive.

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This is why reading plays a vital role in improving job performance.

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Golden Tip: Try to read at least one article related to the industry you set foot in every day. If you can, systematic reading is of course good, but you don’t have the time, at least get into the habit of reading some relevant information every day.

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The suitability of reading, combined with their own thinking, linked with real life, do not read even, the read knowledge internalized for their own thinking.

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In this way, you can get the improvement of your ability from reading.

8. Communicate effectively

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Communication is a two-way street. Whenever you feel unsure about anything, ask someone. Whether that person is your superior, friend, or colleague.

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Establishing consistent communication channels among team members is your ultimate goal. Because doing so will help you regularly evaluate your job performance and keep your goals and responsibilities in mind every time you make a decision.

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Therefore, maintaining effective communication with the people around you and listening to what they have to say can update your own cognition, and secondly, you will not develop a habit of thinking about certain opinions. Even the “ignorant” opinions of others can inspire our thinking.

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Look for new and improved ways to get better results, and make sure you’re open to other opinions.

9. Identify your weaknesses

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One person cannot do well at everything. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Recognize your weaknesses and most importantly, identify opportunities for easy improvement.

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Improving something you’re already good at is more challenging than improving something you’re not happy with. Even if you can always improve in all areas, focus on identifying the factors that reduce job performance and remember: don’t stay still.

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Don’t settle for “not bad” when you can be “great”. Read, learn, listen. Do whatever it takes to be the best version of yourself every day.

10. Take a break when you need it

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Acknowledging the need for rest is not a weakness, it just means that you are aware of your limitations and that you are smart enough to admit it.

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You don’t have to hit peak productivity every day. If you feel like you’ve reached your limit, stop and take a good rest.

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Stress and burnout levels increase at an alarming rate. It’s not good for you to keep working hard after reaching your limit. Your productivity levels will suffer as a result, you’ll be under more pressure for underperformance, etc., which can put you in a negative cycle of inefficiency.

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Break time is just as important to your professional development as any other aspect I mentioned earlier. Take weekends off, change your mind and body, and always remember to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Combining work and rest, you can become a better person.

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