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2y3k » 20 communication skills, let you become a master of chat without a teacher

20 communication skills, let you become a master of chat without a teacher

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Effective communication in the workplace is a practiced skill.

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But not everyone knows how to communicate effectively. Here are 20 tips to provide you with actionable steps to help you improve your communication skills.

1. Be ready for what you have to say

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If you’re going to communicate with someone, such as a supervisor about a job proposal, take some time to prepare what you’re going to say before that.

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Build the conversation based on context, reason, message, ending, follow-up, rather than going straight to the point. Make your conversation clearer by organizing your thoughts for productive interactions.

2. Simplify and preserve messages.

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As you prepare your thoughts, remember to eliminate anything that deviates from your message.

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One of the best ways to improve communication is to commit to creating concise and clear conversations, including the PPT you prepare, the material you persuade, or the evidence you’re going to provide.

3. Record and feedback your own communications

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It’s best to give feedback on every communication situation you encounter. Record what you’re not doing well, what you could have done better, and find areas for improvement.

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For example, my friend approached a girl and found that in some cases, it is easier to get WeChat through play, and in some cases, it is necessary to sincerely express your intention.

4. Engage the audience in the conversation

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Remember the 10/90 rule, just start communicating with people, and you, as the leader, need to provide 90% of the topic content.

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But once you’ve established a communication situation, you need to get the other person to provide 90% of the topic content. So, know how to ask questions at the right time and get the other person involved in the conversation.

5. Take the time to respond

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Take the time to respond thoughtfully.

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There may be times when you feel the need to answer someone else’s question as quickly as possible, but sometimes, you can also take the time to organize your thoughts so that you can ensure that your information is informative and not perfunctory.

6. Make sure you understand

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The most important thing in communication is to understand what the other person is saying.

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So when you encounter something you can’t understand, by asking questions, let the other person explain the information a second time and clarify what is unclear about each other.

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Let each other’s communication always be on the track of understanding. Instead of thinking about some of the other party’s words more and more after returning home.

7. Exercise your body language

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Maintain a straight posture, avoid listlessness, and use natural gestures when speaking.

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Make eye contact with everyone who is listening to you. Walking around the room can also be helpful when space allows. It can help the listener feel more inclusive.

8. Maintain eye contact

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During a conversation or presentation, try to look at one person every 4 to 5 seconds before looking at the other.

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You can also use natural gestures when speaking, which can help you express your content through gestures, which can help you feel more confident and look others in the eye.

9. Respect

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When you’re done communicating, you want your audience to feel that you respect their needs, and they’re more likely to respect you in turn.

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To earn that respect, thank them for their time, keep your communication within a set time frame, and keep your jokes appropriate and minimal.

10. Prioritize practice

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Improving your communication skills is doing something every day that helps with communication.

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For example, consider making a communication to-do list of things you want to do that day, such as recognizing body language, asking follow-up questions or practicing active listening, or even telling a joke to everyone you meet.

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Keep practicing.

11. Learn to manage your emotions

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When you are in a certain environment, it is necessary to control your emotions.

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If you can’t control your emotions, it’s best to leave your current environment immediately and take a moment to breathe deeply. If possible, find a place to be alone, or take a break outside.

12. Prioritize workplace skills

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Improving your work skills can also increase your communication skills.

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Other workplace skills, such as how to solve problems, collaborate, and time management, can also boost your confidence in communication.

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These skills play an important role in communicating, expressing, listening and speaking to each other.

13. Get rid of conversation fillers

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To help you improve your conversational skills, try to eliminate filler words like “um,” “that,” “this,” “ah.”

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Pay attention to when you say these words that don’t make any sense, then try to use them less and build new phrases to convey more information.

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At the same time, don’t be afraid of silence, silence is thinking. If you want to tell others that you are thinking, you can say: “I think…” or “In my opinion…” and then think in silence.

14. Make a small talk plan

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Small talk itself is the challenge of conversation. Don’t ignore the exercise effect of small talk at ordinary times. Good small talk can improve and strengthen your communication skills.

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If you don’t know what to talk about, try starting with the following topics: family, career, life, entertainment, and dreams. Each topic can be subdivided into more content.

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Force yourself to think and dig into the chat information.

15. Tell a story.

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If it’s ok, include stories in your communication. Stories help keep audiences engaged and make it easier for people to relate to the subject.

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As for how to improve your storytelling skills, you can practice retelling. First find a short story, read it a few times, and then use the retelling to tell it in your own language.

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The more smoothly you speak, the better your storytelling ability.

16. Ask questions and summarize each other’s main points

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Part of being an active listener is the ability to ask relevant questions and repeat snippets of the conversation to show that you understand a point. Because listening makes communication a two-way street.

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For example, the other party said: “The epidemic is really annoying, and I don’t know when it will end!” Most people will rush to express their situation and say: “I think the epidemic is okay, and the impact is not big!”

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But a better response is to understand the other person first, say: “Do you find the epidemic annoying and affects you a lot?” Then listen to the other person’s explanation, and finally express your unaffected point of view.

17. Accept feedback

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As you work to improve your communication skills, keep a mindset and accept any feedback.

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Pay attention to the people around you and their reactions when communicating with you, and treat these reactions as feedback, which can help you identify problems and then fix and strengthen them.

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Try incorporating feedback into your next chat, brainstorming session, or video conference.

18. Be prepared for different answers

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Not every conversation will get the answer we expect, so it’s best to listen without judgment.

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This is the goal of every conversation, especially when you hear unexpected or different responses than you expected. Listen openly and honestly to the other person, pay attention to the other person’s body language, and don’t interrupt the other person.

19. Tailor your message to your audience

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Your communication should change according to your audience. Like a personalized greeting card, personalize all your languages.

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For example, if you’re talking to your manager, not an intern, your message, tone, and body language should all be authentic and adjusted.

20. Improve your empathy

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Consider the feelings of others when talking to them.

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Part of having meaningful conversations is empathy for others. If you try to put yourself in their shoes and think from their perspective, you may be able to better understand the other person’s point of view and respond appropriately.

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