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How to become a smarter person

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Learning a systematic, scientific and open way of thinking can form agile thinking.

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The human brain is not born to think. From elementary school to college, all the problems we face will have a standard answer, but when we enter the society, we find that there will be many situations and answers to a problem, which makes us unable to adapt. We are used to getting answers with certainty.

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Our brains cannot have innovative thinking, often because they are constrained by too many conventional boxes. Most people will adopt a blind and gullible method and rely on intuition to make decisions, because this method The brain will not feel tired, intuition will play a great role when we are in danger, but when encountering problems such as philosophy, sociology, and interpersonal communication, relying solely on intuition is counterproductive.

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The brain likes to be inspired by simplification, so people in life are full of prejudices and like to label others. A person spends most of their life preventing themselves from thinking, and we think we are thinking, but we are actually just sorting out our own prejudices. There is a famous psychological experiment that took a group of people, trapped them in a chair, and they were not allowed to do anything. Everyone put an electric shock switch in their hand. The experiment found that some people are willing to electrocute themselves more than 100 times, and they are not willing to sit there quietly and be quiet.

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Reasoning is part of thinking, but not all. What is thinking is metacognition, which is people’s cognition of their own cognitive process. When I accept something, I will reflect and accept whether it is scientific and correct. Reflection on this cognitive process is called metacognition.

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Counterintuitive thinking requires the virtues of doubt, naivety and perseverance and needlessness. People who are not naive do not raise questions about established things. A person is smarter than others because he is good at conceptual thinking. A living concept is invented and will be used for a long time. When the vocabulary of the past fails to solve the existing problem, conceptual thinking may occur. For example, the concept of paid reading, Newton’s concept of attractive force, etc.

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List all the facts, make inferences, make connections, make assumptions, create new concepts, and achieve breakthroughs.

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The understanding of the concept determines our way of thinking. For example, we propose to give customers high-quality service. At this time, what is high-quality service needs to be defined, otherwise it can only be used as a slogan.

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Being good at finding problems and being willing to look for causes, results and possible solutions can prompt us to learn to come up with new conceptual thinking. Even accepting new ideas from others can allow us to gain new conceptual thinking. Pessimists are always safe, optimists are always moving forward. We must ask as many questions as possible, make them specific and in-depth, and learn to think from different levels.

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