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2y3k » As a parent, how to communicate properly with your children? The following 4 points need to be done well

As a parent, how to communicate properly with your children? The following 4 points need to be done well

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Children behave in many ways, how can we teach them? One of the easiest ways is to respect children. We respect children’s human dignity. Don’t hype or praise children for their little progress, which will make children lose their dignity and self-esteem. When we don’t respect children, they will feel that you are right (we don’t) and be hostile to us (hostility here does not mean that we despise, isolate or be hostile).

1. We cannot use derogatory language in front of our children to express our respect for them, but we must know how to be “humble”.

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When a child is bullied at school, many parents will say: “Why don’t others bully you!” Such words are especially easy to make children have wrong perceptions. Therefore, parents should guide their children in a timely manner on how to face their wrong perceptions correctly, rather than using demeaning or negative language to look at themselves and others. When children are bullied and hurt at school, they should be guided on how to face others or solve problems with others. We should tell our children: “When we are hurt, we should be brave to protect ourselves, and parents will always be behind you.”

2. When you need help, always give them help and let them know that we have the ability to solve the problem.

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When a child doesn’t want to do something, we want to let him do it on his own. When he learns to do something, we want to show his surprise and give him encouragement. For example, if he is not interested in learning, we can teach him to do something fun at school and teach him how to do it well, for example, teach him how to design a reasonable and comfortable playtime between classes. Maybe he is struggling with learning, we can give him some specific guidance and help. This is a great encouragement for him. Just keep at it and one day you will see him learn this skill well. Therefore, don’t wait for him to do something by himself, give him some support at the right time!

3. Don’t order or criticize him directly, give him a sense of being valued.

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Children love to hear parents say, “I miss Mom!” Therefore, when a child needs to be valued, parents should not directly command or criticize the child, but should communicate with him, help him understand his feelings, and help him gain respect for what we say. Only when parents have a really good relationship with their child can they truly understand respect. When we think about educating him after we have established a good relationship with our child, we will find that he may know how to gain parental attention better than other children. That’s why many parents are encouraging their child to do what they love and let them know how much you love him!

4. Encourage and guide your child to be a good child

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This is the most important requirement for parents. Parents should encourage their children to be good children and give them enough respect, not to be a controlling person. They may even show disgust towards such people, and they will use various ways to show their love for their parents or teachers. However, they will yell, scold or attack these annoying people. So, parents must tell their children why you are doing it wrong; and at the same time tell them why you are doing it right: you did it and they didn’t think so about you; have you been influenced by your parents’ words and deeds? Do you think so?

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