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2y3k » How to organize an event?

How to organize an event?

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How to organize an event?

Give users a reason to come

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As an organizer, the first thing we have to think about is, how do I attract users to the event, which means we need to give users a reason to participate. We want to give users value.

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For example, when I organized offline activities before, I would tell users what you can get in this activity, and I would also find the corresponding client base according to the attributes of the activity.

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For example, when holding a book club, I will find some friends who usually like to read and participate in reading, and organize offline meeting activities. I will warm up this event and there will be introductions and achievements of some important people, so that the participating users can have a reason to come.

Implement details to make users feel more intimate

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Implement and improve every detail, make a bill of materials, and think about what problems we will have as users.

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If it is an offline event, there should be navigation guidelines, how different means of transportation arrive at the event venue, where you can park, and whether you can prepare a parking ticket.

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Basic necessities of life should be prepared, such as water, beverages, snacks, pens and paper towels, trash cans, masks and compact bags. When necessary, some kt boards, logo slogans are also needed. If there are enough people, the budget is enough to pose water and beverages.

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The choice of venue is more to consider whether it is convenient for parking, whether there are landmark buildings (easy to find), the cost of flat sharing, and the materials that can be provided in the venue, whether there is black and white, whether there is a stage, whether it can be screened, whether it is quiet and closed, the space can accommodate the number of people, which is what the venue needs to pay attention to.

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Other surprising items: postcards, crayons, cakes. Stickers.

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If it is an online activity, you should pay attention to the rehearsal of the activity, test the network, equipment, and some video and picture ppts that need to be played to ensure that each material can be opened normally.

Activity is not a person’s self-enjoyment

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When we do an activity, we must not be arrogant alone. For example, I will do a reading club, or do a sharing. I must not talk about it from beginning to end alone. We must learn to ask questions and communicate with users. Resonance, thinking collision.

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For example, when I prepare for a book club, I will use the golden mental model of “what”, “why”, and “how” to ask questions and let users think. I also use “to do” to let users apply what they have learned.

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Because a person will not be impressed by the activities he did not participate in. If he just listens to us all the time, then he will not impress himself. He must give users the opportunity to participate more, speak more, and come on stage more.

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Only when the customer engages will he have an impression of our activity. Only when he participates will he devote himself more fully to this activity and stay focused. Only when he participates will he appreciate the help of this activity to him more, and he will be more willing to introduce more other friends to participate together.

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