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2y3k » How should baby clothes be washed?

How should baby clothes be washed?

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After the baby’s clothes are bought, whether they are old or new, they are usually thrown into the washing machine or dryer for drying treatment. In fact, you can also choose to put them in the kitchen or bathroom for drying treatment. This is to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the clothes. Of course, you should pay attention when buying new clothes, and try to buy big brand clothes. So what should you do with your baby’s clothes?

1. Cleaning

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Be sure to wash your baby’s clothes before handling, so as to ensure that your baby’s clothes are clean and hygienic. Especially your baby’s underwear, underwear and socks, try to hand wash them. Before handling your baby’s clothes, you need to dry them in the sun. In addition, if your baby’s clothes have not been washed for a long time, you should dry them in time. Do not mix your baby’s clothes with other clothes, otherwise it is easy to cause cross-infection. And if your baby’s clothes and other clothes are not mixed, you can wear them directly to your baby.

2. Drying

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If it is autumn and winter clothes, then you can directly put them indoors to ventilate and dry them. However, your baby’s clothes should not be exposed to the sun. Generally, it is enough to dry them in a ventilated and dry place indoors. In fact, your baby’s clothes can be dried for two days, so that your baby’s clothes are no longer easy to get moldy or dirty. Of course, if you want to make your baby’s clothes safer, it is best to dry them for more than one night. This can make the clothes easier to dry.

3. Washing

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It is best to wash your baby’s clothes by yourself. If it is inconvenient to wash, you can buy a laundry room. When washing your baby’s clothes, you must pay attention to whether the cleaning process is correct. If there is dyeing, you must deal with it in time. Do not wash your baby’s clothes by hand, because these parts are particularly prone to dirt and dirt, which can easily cause allergies. The clothes worn by babies are generally relatively soft clothes, so they must not be rubbed by hand. Because hand rubbing will destroy the natural fibers and textile fibers on the clothes, and there will be a lot of bacteria and odors left on the clothes after washing. If not dealt with in time, it is very easy to cause skin diseases.

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