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2y3k » How to find study materials?

How to find study materials?

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How to find study materials?

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If you want to learn something, how do you usually find relevant information?

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Most people’s method is probably the same as I did before, just think of a keyword, and then search the Internet. What you find, you can read it.

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But this search presents several problems.

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The first problem is the poor quality of information. The information on the Internet is mixed, full of personal thoughts, diaries and other articles full of personal subjective assumptions. These knowledge are not reliable, and some are for the sake of attention, and even have unproven or fictional content. If we believe these contents, we are likely to go astray.

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The second problem is the low accuracy of the data. Finding information online depends entirely on fate. If the keywords you enter just meet your needs, the content you find may be of high quality, but if you search for a keyword in an unfamiliar field, it may be difficult to find the content you need.

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The third problem is that it will disrupt the learning progress. If we look up some materials to learn, and then look for other materials after reading them, it is easy to disrupt our learning progress. If there is no relatively complete learning path, it will make people anxious and do not know what to learn next? Maybe scholars who study will go to other fields, wasting a lot of time.

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Therefore, if we want to learn by ourselves, after specifying the field and theme of study, we must learn to collect and organize the materials to be learned in advance.

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Before sharing how to find learning materials? Let me briefly share with you the link of knowledge flow? Knowing how knowledge flows, we can find higher quality materials.

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There are about five processes of knowledge from production to circulation.

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First-hand knowledge, academic research. At this stage, experts and scholars in a certain field will conduct research on a certain field alone, which may be doing experiments or verifying relevant information. This is a process of researchers’ own research. The research information at this stage is the latest, but it is often only shared among research peers, and it is difficult for outsiders to access.

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Second-hand knowledge, paper publication. When there are certain research results, experts and scholars will publish their research process or conclusions in the form of papers, usually published in authoritative journals in the field, so the journals summarize the latest research results in a certain field.

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Third-hand knowledge, textbooks. When papers in a certain field accumulate to a certain scale, the content is gradually enriched and improved, and it will be presented to everyone in the form of textbooks as a knowledge background to provide a knowledge basis for subsequent research.

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Fourth-hand knowledge, best-selling books. Some writers or scholars add more life-like cases after reading textbooks or journal papers, and after their interpretation, they sort out the logic to form books that are easier to understand and have a wider audience. Most of the books we usually search and read belong to the level of best-sellers. Because published books have a certain review mechanism, the content quality is still relatively good, but there are still patchwork and one-sided content that needs to be read critically.

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The fifth step is knowledge, new media content. It is all kinds of articles and videos we see on audio, video or graphic platforms. This is after the author of new media reads a book, according to a certain point of view in the book, or intercepts a certain part of the content, adds some of his own thoughts and insights, and shares them with you in the form of stories or short articles. It is more subjective and personal, because anyone can send it without review, and the quality of the content cannot be guaranteed. You need to keep your eyes open, not be gullible, and not blindly follow. The content I’m talking about actually belongs to this category. Just read it rationally.

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As you can see, through the dissemination of knowledge at the first level, the audience of knowledge is getting wider and wider, but the lower the credibility of knowledge, the narrower the integrity of knowledge, and we need to pay more attention to the authenticity of information.

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So how should we find information in the field of self-study, and relatively speaking, the information is more complete and more credible?

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In fact, we can search according to the circulation of knowledge. Starting from the source, the higher the credibility of knowledge, the lower the level, and collect the information we need for self-study.

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The first step is to find Baike’s complete book. We may only be on a whim in a certain field, and we may not be familiar with this field, so we often do not know which keywords are there, and there are difficulties in finding matching keywords when searching. At this time, we can have a better understanding of this field by reading Baike’s complete book first, so that we can accumulate more and more accurate keywords when we search for the next step. I usually search for the field words I want to know directly on Baidu Baike. For example, if you search for self-study, you can directly find the definition of self-study, the benefits of self-study, celebrities of self-study, introduction to self-study methods, etc. The content of Baike’s book is very basic, suitable for us to have a preliminary understanding of a certain one, and also provides a background knowledge of the field we want to study, providing a reliable basis for subsequent study.

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The second step is to find field textbooks. Textbooks are generally first-class researchers. Through a lot of research, they systematically explain the knowledge in this field in simple and easy-to-understand language. By reading textbooks, we can have a comprehensive basic understanding of this field. Textbooks are actually knowledge recognized by the whole society in this field. They provide some prerequisite knowledge in this field, and are equipped with pictures and text explanations. They are very detailed and are our first choice for in-depth understanding of a certain field.

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The third step is to find journal papers in this field. The content of textbooks is relatively comprehensive and authoritative. The content has been precipitated over time, and the credibility is very high. However, because of this, the content of textbooks is from the past or a long time ago. Maybe some of the latest research theories, or some subsequent developments, are not reflected in the textbooks. At this time, we need to go to the journal papers to find some of the latest research results on the theory in this field. I am now looking for journal papers, basically on the three major platforms of CNKI, Wanfang and Weipu. The content is updated relatively quickly, and the information is written in detail. It is a more reliable way to understand the most cutting-edge knowledge.

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The fourth step is to find best-selling books. We can find relevant books directly through online search, library consultation, or visiting bookstores. Generally, online platforms such as Dangdang, Douban, and have classification rankings of books. You can directly search for the corresponding keywords, and some books will come out. Another method is to search for the book list directly, because for a certain type of problem, someone has basically summed up the book list for us to read, we just need to add them to our self-study database. Another way is to find books by book. Generally, good books will note the reference list at the end. We can often get a series of references when we read a book. If you agree to read this book, his references are generally more suitable for you to read.

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Through the 4 steps of searching for information above, we have basically been able to form a list of information to be learned in a certain field. In the next step, you can arrange time to start follow-up research and study.

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Today, I mainly share with you the method of finding information. The main purpose is to make everyone realize that when learning knowledge in a certain field, you should not look for information from a single aspect, but should go to the source of knowledge production to find the required information in multiple dimensions, so that the knowledge we obtain is more comprehensive, more systematic, and more credible. When you can through your own efforts, you can sort out the list of materials you need to learn by yourself, you are a qualified self-learner.

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