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2y3k » How do we manage our time?

How do we manage our time?

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Are you also in a torn state of wanting to learn, but always feeling like you don’t have time?

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When I went to work, I was busy with meetings, writing reports, writing materials, coping with inspections, and had no time to study.

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When I get home from get off work, I have to take the baby, wash the dishes, cook, wash the clothes, and sweep the floor. After finishing these chores, I look at the time at 10 o’clock in the evening, and I feel that it is too late, so I go to bed.

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I often find all kinds of reasons for not studying. When you go to bed every night, you will comfort yourself and say, alas, it’s not that I don’t want to study, but I’m too busy and tired today, and I don’t have time.

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You might think that it would be nice if it was like being at school now, with a lot of time to study every day and no one interrupting it. But the reality is very different.

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We often don’t have large chunks of time. Even if there is time, it can be full of distractions, and it’s hard to concentrate on just one thing at the same time.

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We need to change the way we think about time and realize that time is actually something we can manage and control.

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I think there are three concepts about time that are important to share with you.

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The first is to realize that each of us has a limited amount of time. Don’t think that we still have a lot of time. If we don’t do it today and do it tomorrow, one minute of the present has passed, and it will never be possible to go backwards and repeat it. We must cherish the present and do what we want to do as soon as possible.

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The second is that it’s not that we adults don’t have time to study, but we don’t have a large chunk of time to study. Our time is actually divided into 10 minutes, 20 minutes of fragmented time. And how to make good use of these fragmented time becomes the key to whether we have time to learn.

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The third is caused by our so-called lack of time, just not being able to manage time. In fact, most people don’t know what each of us does every day. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself, what did you do yesterday morning? If you sort it out in hours, it is estimated that most people can’t recall it.

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So, if we want to learn, if we want to grow, if we want to live for ourselves, we have to learn to manage our time. Schedule our time to do more important things.

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So how can we manage our time well?

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In fact, there are all kinds of time management methods on the Internet or in books. But after I read it, I think the main idea of time management is actually four steps.

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The first step is to recognize time. It is how we think we can arrange the time of the day, and how to plan our 24 hours a day? The method is very simple, take out a piece of paper and use each hour as an interval. Write down what you want to do in the next 24 hours into the plan by hour to form a 24-hour task schedule. This table reflects everyone’s perception of time. If you have a higher or more accurate understanding of time, then you can better estimate how long it may take to do something, and the schedule will be more reasonable. And if you have a low sense of time, you may randomly write a lot of things you want to do, but in fact it may take half a day for one thing, and the plan will be completely disrupted, leaving you in a time-tight state.

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The second step is to record events. In order to truly understand what we are doing every day, we need to record our time truthfully. The method is also to take out a piece of paper and record what we actually do in a day at hourly intervals to form a 24-hour action record. Through this record, we will find out where our time has gone?

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The third step is to check the time. It is to compare our 24-hour task schedule with our 24-hour action log. We will find our time management problems.

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Through time inspection, you will find that a certain period of time when we plan to do something may be replaced by other things. For example, you plan to wake up tomorrow morning and read a book for ten minutes, but the reality may be that when you wake up, your child is crying, you have been coaxing your child, and you have no time to read. Through this comparative inspection, you can seriously reflect on whether your planning is reasonable, and the next time you do a 24-hour task schedule, you will be more rational.

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Through time inspection, you will also find that the time of your day can actually be divided into three types.

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The first is the white time period, in this time period, you are completely free to do whatever you want.

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The second is black time, you can not freely dispose of time, such as your work meeting or the leader asked you to write materials, this time you can only do what is scheduled.

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The third is gray time. During these time periods, you can’t concentrate on one thing. Although the work intensity is not high, it may be interrupted at any time. Most of our day is actually this gray time.

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The fourth step is to optimize time. Optimize management according to the three types of time periods of white, black and gray that we sorted out in the previous step.

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For white time, because we have free time, then we can use this time to focus on learning, to arrange the most important things, such as reading books, or writing, to complete the most important and difficult things.

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For gray time, it is actually what we call fragmented time. These times, because they will be disturbed at any time, can be used to read some WeChat articles related to today’s study, make our task plan, write a reflection diary, and record our thoughts, feelings, thoughts, etc.

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For black time, because we can’t do anything else during this time period, but we can think in our heads. There is a word that I think is very good, called incubation. That is, during black time, we can incubate our answers. I often do the same, thinking about a topic article every day, first using the white time to read a book, thinking about the outline of the structure. Then use the meeting or work time to incubate, and when I go back and continue to think, I often suddenly find a lot of inspiration, and this is the role of black time to incubate inspiration.

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There is a saying that you don’t manage money, money ignores you, time is like money, if you don’t manage time, then your time will sneak away.

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I hope we can all do what we want to do by recognizing time, recording time, examining time, optimizing time, managing our time.

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