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2y3k » How to find the underlying reasons for continued action?

How to find the underlying reasons for continued action?

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Do something, if you feel that you have made significant progress, then you will quickly do it. Once you find that the progress is slowing down or you can’t feel positive feedback, then at this time, we often ask ourselves involuntarily, why am I doing this? What’s the point of doing this?

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If we can’t find a reason to enrich or convince ourselves, we’ll immediately stop what we’re doing, no matter how good or meaningful it seemed before.

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For example, when it comes to getting up early, you may have heard a lot of people say, it’s good to get up early. After getting up early, you can have your own independent time, you can use it to think and study, you can get up early to do what you like, and no one interrupts you. So you are tempted, and you also try to get up early. For the first two days, it feels good, but after a week, you will suddenly ask yourself, what am I getting up so early for? Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to stay under the covers if you woke up early and greedy for dark? When you start to ask rhetorical questions, you should pay attention. If you don’t think about the reasons for your persistence in advance, the habit you finally want to develop may end here.

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Human beings are actually meaningful creatures. In everything, they always ask why and what is the meaning of thinking?

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Especially when adults learn this part, it is especially easy to give up halfway through. Because no one forces you to study, there is nothing to lose if you don’t learn.

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But if you want to keep learning, you must find a substantial reason for yourself, so that when you face inner questions, you can convince yourself.

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There are many reasons to support our actions. Finding reasons to start taking action is relatively simple. For example, if you want to read a book, you may read other people’s book reviews, you may want to run, or you may watch a video and feel that running is handsome.

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But it is difficult to find a reason to convince yourself to move on when you encounter a bottleneck.

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Because the reasons that motivate us to start taking action are often some external factors, such as suggestions from others, material stimuli, etc., which cannot withstand the constant questioning of our hearts.

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Only by finding the original intention of really wanting to do this thing, which is the lowest reason in our hearts, will our actions not be shaken.

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Once we find the original intention of action, we can be more determined to move forward. Because it is what we really want to do in our heart, it can improve our enthusiasm and willpower for action, and temporary setbacks and difficulties will not interrupt and disrupt our progress.

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So how can we find our original motivation for doing things?

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I’m going to share with you a method called motivational questioning. There are four steps in this method.

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The first step is to list and filter. Find a piece of paper, list all the reasons for what you want to do, and then find the one that you most identify with. Take my reading as an example, why do I want to read? I sorted out two reasons. The first reason is that I do find joy in the process of reading. For example, reading some biographies of stories and characters, being able to experience different life experiences, and reading non-fiction books can give you a better way to solve problems. The second reason is that I learned that I can make money by reading. This originated from a book monetization training camp I attended. It said that reading can not only improve cognition, but also if we write the books we have read into articles, book reviews or Make a course, then we can make money by reading.

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Among these two reasons, I think the second reason, that is, reading can make money, makes me more recognized, and is a goal I want to achieve more.

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The second step is to write down the impact. That is, to write out the impact of the reasons we sorted out on ourselves, including both direct and indirect effects. For example, when I realized that reading can make money, what impact did this have on me? The direct impact is to make my reading more purposeful. In the past, reading was just to take a book and read it casually. It was more for the pleasure of reading. Now I may read more purposefully and read more efficiently. The indirect impact is that I have written a lot of articles and taken a lot of reading and sharing videos, and reading has produced visible results.

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The third step is to evaluate the impact and think about whether the impact is positive or negative for yourself. Let’s take my reading as an example. I think the impact must be positive, because it makes me more efficient in reading, and reading has results.

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The fourth step is to ask the evaluation. That is, keep thinking about why you have this evaluation? The first is that it has allowed me to improve my sense of self-control and achievement. Because when I can read and write articles and make videos, I realize that I can do something by changing my thinking, without external tasks and pressure, this sense of control and achievement in doing something can’t be bought by spending more money. The second is to make myself feel more valuable. Because I can help others solve problems through reading books, especially when I can help others solve some puzzles through articles, videos or even courses, I will feel that I am doing a very valuable and meaningful thing, which improves my sense of self-identity.

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You see, in the end, why do I want to read? After all, it’s not about gaining more knowledge, it’s not just about making money, but I think deep down that reading is something I can control, something that can enhance my sense of accomplishment, something that makes me more valuable, and something that can enhance my self-identity. These inner feelings that reading can bring are the original intention of me to continue reading.

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Finally, I hope you can also find the original intention of what you are willing to stick to for a long time through this simple motivation inquiry.

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