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2y3k » How to make reading more focused?

How to make reading more focused?

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What should I do if I’m not focused enough while reading?

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Do you often encounter such problems when reading? Just opened the book, read a few lines of words, and then the mobile phone rang, so you went to look at the mobile phone;

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Or while reading a book, I can’t help thinking in my head, what am I going to have for lunch later? Where is one of my materials?

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Or think of something that happened today, and keep wandering in my mind.

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If you have a similar situation, then your concentration needs to be improved.

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Why are we so easily distracted when we read books?

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Brain science research has found that our human brain has only 5 + 2 working intervals, that is, when our brain is working, it can only hold 5 to 7 things at the same time. Some people have less and can only hold 5 things at the same time. A little more, but no more than seven pieces at most.

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What does it mean? That is, it is equivalent to having seven concentration balls in the brain, and every time you do one thing, these concentration balls will be put into work. For example, when you read a book, you originally had seven concentration balls, but maybe only three small balls are reading, and the other small balls have nothing to do. So what? So one of the small balls is thinking about what happened today, and another small ball is paying attention to mobile phone text messages and so on.

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That is to say, if we want to improve our concentration, we must let this small ball of concentration in our brain focus on one thing at the same time, then our efficiency of reading and doing things will naturally be improved.

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So how can we improve our focus?

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Today I would like to share with you a very simple way to keep reading focused, called the Apple Reading Method.

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What do you mean? Imagine you want to go to an orchard to pick fruit to eat. But the boss tells you that you can only pick one. Some people go to the orchard to see and find a lot of fruits, including apples, pears, bananas, and watermelons. They want to eat any one they see. Just pick an apple, see the watermelon, drop the apple again, go to get the watermelon, hold the watermelon for a while, find the banana again, and then drop the watermelon and go to pick up the banana. At the end of the time, they realize that what they are holding may not be the fruit they like to eat.

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The apple reading method is very simple. You know what you are doing in the orchard. I am going to pick that apple, so you go to the orchard and go straight to the apple tree. When you pick the apple, you go away. Save time and achieve your goal.

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What to do when it comes to reading? I sorted out three steps.

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The first step is to take out a piece of white paper and draw 20 small squares on it to store keywords.

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The second step, before reading, write in the blank space of the white paper What is the purpose of your reading this time? That is, what is the apple we want to pick? For example, when I read this book, I just wanted to understand the reason for a certain concept proposed by the author, so I wrote in the blank space: Why did the author propose this concept?

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The third step is to find the answer. When I read a book, I only read the content related to the problem, and I keep thinking about the problem in my mind. I don’t read the irrelevant content for the time being, and I just want to pick the apple I want. Because we only have one goal, when we go to read a book, we can make the concentration ball of the brain run at the same time. In this way, you may be able to flip through the book in half an hour and find the content you want, and the 20 small squares are also filled with keywords.

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Step 4: After finding the keywords of the question, we can give ourselves ten minutes to merge similar items among the keywords, then find the associations and figure out the logical order between the keywords. String together the answers to the questions in writing or dictation. When we can answer the questions we asked based on the recorded keywords, we have found the apple we want.

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This method sounds simple, but it is actually very effective. If you have a lot of other content you want to know, it doesn’t matter. Let’s take another piece of paper, ask new questions, repeat the steps above, find key words in the book, and then comb through the key words to form the answer to the question. It’s that simple. For a book, you may use 3-5 apple reading methods, and you can basically understand most of the author’s core concepts. At the same time, you are equivalent to reading the book 3-5 times, and the efficiency and effect of reading will be several times higher than reading the book slowly without purpose.

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