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How to read fast?

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Have you ever had this situation when you read a book? Pick up a book you want to read, and you may have to read it for a few months. You still can’t remember it after reading it. You always sigh that spending so much time reading has no effect. Someone recommended a book, and it took you half a month to read it before you realized that the book was actually not interesting to you or didn’t help you much, but you didn’t want to give up, so you had to keep reading, and in the end you wasted time and energy, which was not worth the loss.

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If you also have the situation that you are very slow to read a book, you can’t remember it after reading it, you don’t have time to sift through books, and you read a lot of books that you are not interested in. Then you need to learn to read fast.

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Before learning the speed reading method, can we first recall how we usually read?

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You may pick up a book at random, start reading from the first word on the first page, and then read silently in your heart while reading, looking at a sentence with your eyes and reading a sentence in your heart. You always think that I have to read the last word from the first word to complete a book, otherwise you will always feel that the book is not finished. It is this habitual way of reading that affects our reading speed.

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In general, there are three main reasons that affect our reading speed.

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The first reason is to read word by word. That is, to read word by word, because our eyes are actually equivalent to a camera. If we want to see a word clearly, we are actually taking a focused photo of the word. If we read word by word, we need to take a picture of each word, which takes a long time.

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The second reason is silent reading. That is, when reading a book, there is always a voice in our heart that is followed by the sound. Because our vision can move very fast, but if we habitually translate what we see into our inner voice, because the sound has a certain speed limit, silent reading limits our visual reading speed.

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The third reason is the problem of concept. We think that reading the whole book without missing a word is called reading the book. We always want to force ourselves to read the whole book at once, and we always think that we have to read the book before we can understand the ideas the author wants to express. So we read a lot of trivial repetitive and procrastinating content, which prolongs the time we spend reading a book.

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What affects our reading speed has been found, so how can we improve it?

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I will share three methods with you here, especially the last one. You must read it carefully to ensure that your reading speed is doubled.

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The first method is referring to reading. If our eyeballs are not trained, they will move more slowly when reading, focusing on taking pictures word by word, and reading at a low speed. Pointing is to point at the content to be read with our fingers, and moving at a certain speed, our eyes will involuntarily stare at the content on our fingertips, and then look back. After a period of practice, our eye movements will become faster and faster, which will speed up our reading speed.

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The second way is to turn off silent reading. Since silent reading affects our reading speed, we just don’t read silently. The method is actually very simple, which is to speed up our reading speed. When our reading speed is higher than our silent reading speed, the silent reading will slowly disappear. You can deliberately train to read at a speed that is three times faster than usual. At first, you may feel that the content of the book is too late to understand, but after a period of time, our reaction speed will be improved, and the book can be read quickly and understood.

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The third way is to change your reading concept. There is a principle called the 28 principle, that is, 80% of the main points are concentrated in 20% of the text, that is, we do not need to read the whole book to understand the author’s intention, but only need to find the content of the 20% key chapters and read them carefully.

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So how to use the 28 principle to read?

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There is a reading method called the King’s Reading Method, which I will share with you. What is the King’s Reading Method? That is, when we read, we must make ourselves the master of the book, not to read the book too much and think that everything it says is right, but to be like a king, treat the book as our servant. When we have a problem that needs to be solved, we directly summon a certain book or several books, and you can provide me with the answer. It’s that simple. There is no need to keep the book slowly. You can only give me the answer when you understand the book thoroughly and communicate smoothly.

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There are five main steps in the King’s Reading Method.

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The first step is to figure out why we want to read this book, that is, what is the problem we want to solve by reading this book?

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The second step is to quickly browse the book’s table of contents, preface, postscript, etc. in five minutes to understand what the author wants to express.

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The third step is to quickly flip through the whole book in five minutes. At an average speed of one page every two seconds, quickly flip through the book, just read some big bold characters, understand the structure and layout of the book, and what are the core keywords?

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The fourth step, after the previous three steps, we have basically understood what this book is mainly about and which chapters are related to our own problems, so we can directly turn to the corresponding chapters, or focus on the places we are interested in reading.

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The fifth step is to use a mind map to record our questions and answers, sort out the linear language in the book into web content, and speed up our understanding.

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Through such fast reading, we can quickly find the answer to the question and organize to form our own opinions, which is better than reading the book from the beginning to the end, and finally not even knowing what the main content of the book is, and the efficiency is not known. How many times higher.

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Well, today I will share with you the method of fast reading. Fast reading is a necessary step for intensive reading and topic reading later. It allows us to quickly filter out books suitable for our own reading. It is a very useful reading skill. You must practice more.

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