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2y3k » How to develop interest in reading?

How to develop interest in reading?

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Let me ask you a question, what do you usually like to do when you have free time?

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I guess most people’s answer is probably the same as mine, they will play games when they have time.

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So have you ever wondered why you want to play games instead of reading books?

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I guess you will definitely be dismissive, wondering if this person is mentally ill, and finally has time to rest, and actually wants to read a book.

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Before answering how to develop an interest in reading, let’s analyze why we like to play games.

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I will give you a good analysis and analysis through nearly 30 years of game experience.

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First of all, the fun of the game is to have a precise goal, which is that you know what I’m after when I play the game. The goal may be how many levels I have to pass to defeat a final boss, or what ultimate equipment I want to get, or it may be to win the confrontation or persevere to the end. No matter what the goal is, you know it when you play the game and will work hard towards it.

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Secondly, the game is fun to have a path to achieve. No matter how difficult the goal of the game seems, the game will provide you with a path to achieve it. To defeat the final boss, you need to level up, defeat other small bosses, and finally challenge the big boss; to get the most powerful equipment, how many materials you need to collect and how many times you need to synthesize to get it. Basically everything in the game is obtained by a way, the only difference is the length of time it takes.

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Again, the game will have continuous and timely feedback. The best thing about playing the game is the continuous rewards. When you complete a task or challenge, you will gain experience, equipment or various props. It is these rewards that keep us playing for a long time.

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Finally, the game also has a team function. When you encounter a difficult level, you can make an appointment with a small partner to enjoy the fun of cooperative customs clearance. Let us enjoy socializing in the game, get praise from our companions, and enhance the fun of the game.

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In addition, the game also has gorgeous pictures, nice sound special effects, timely shock and vibration, etc., so that we can immerse ourselves in various aspects such as vision, hearing, and touch.

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There are so many fun places in the game, so let’s take a look at the situation when reading.

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When we read, we often pick up a book at random, or a book recommended by others, in order to pass the time when we are really bored, and look at it aimlessly. After reading it for a while, we feel sleepy, so we go to bed. Finally, reading has become something we do to help us sleep in bed. It can be seen that we usually read books with no goals, no results, no feedback, no social interaction, and of course we feel that reading is a chore.

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So how do we gamify reading so that we love reading?

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We can refer to the characteristics of the game to gamify the reading.

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The first is to set the purpose of reading. Understand why I am reading this book? Is it for entertainment, or to encounter a problem in life and need to find an answer in the book, or to write a contribution. With clear reading goals, we can be more active in reading, rather than what others recommend to read.

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Second, disassemble the reading goal. That is, reduce the difficulty of reaching our reading goal. For example, I want to output an open manuscript after reading the book. If I want to complete this goal immediately after reading it, it will undoubtedly be too difficult and easy to give up. However, if I only ask myself to read for five minutes at a time, and then write down my insights, I don’t force me to read a chapter, and I don’t require me to write an open manuscript immediately after reading the book. Instead, I write golden sentences first, draw a mind map after reading, and then add my own case story to the insight notes when I have time to form a book review, and finally enrich and improve the book review to form an open book draft. Step by step, dismantle the difficult things, do the easy things every time, and overcome the fear of difficulties.

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Third, create reading feedback. The golden sentence cards, mind maps, book reviews, book drafts, etc. that we form in reading should be shared on various self-media platforms in a timely manner. When others give you likes, comments and interactions, you will feel the fun of reading and socializing, and you will be able to stick to it better.

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Finally, create a good reading environment so that every time we read, we have good memories. When we think of reading a book, we will recall the scene when we were forced to memorize the text by the teacher when we were students, and we will inevitably resist reading. However, there are no exams and no teachers now, reading should be an enjoyable thing. When reading, find a comfortable chair to lean on, make a cup of tea or coffee, the lights are softer, and you can also put some light music. In short, improve the reading environment and make yourself feel that reading is a beautiful thing. In this way, you will gradually fall in love with the feeling of reading.

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Reading is not a chore, but we have a lot of misunderstandings about reading. When we optimize the reading goals, processes, feedback, and environment according to the design of the game, reading can also be a fun thing.

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