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2y3k » Going through 4 stages together is a true lover

Going through 4 stages together is a true lover

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How many couples in the world have how many kinds of love, each kind of love is not the same, but no matter what kind of love, there will be some things in common.

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In general, love can be divided into four stages. Each stage of love has certain characteristics, and some contradictions will occur in each stage. Couples who want to be together well must deal with these contradictions according to the characteristics of each stage of love.

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Love always has these four stages, but many people give up in the third stage, I hope you can persevere.

1. Love period

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This period is often the happiest period after the two are together, because at this time, both of them have passion and enthusiasm for love.

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This is also the time when two people quarrel the least, because they are immersed in the joy and sweetness of just being together every day, and it is too late to get tired, how can they have time to quarrel? But if you really quarrel, you only need to sincerely apologize, and the other party may choose to forgive.

2. Flat period

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After the love period, the passion and enthusiasm of the two people for love is not so strong, and the love may become more dull.

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At this time, the two people are not dating so often, and they don’t spend so much time together. They may feel that it doesn’t matter if they don’t have each other.

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But if they are really separated, they will find that they are not used to not having each other.

3. Running-in period

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After the dull period, it is the running-in period that every couple fears the most.

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In couples at this time, the two may have a big fight because of a little thing, because the other party’s unintentional words will make the other party furious. This period is the most likely period for two people to break up. What couples need to do is to control their tempers, apologize to each other in time after the quarrel, and explain the misunderstanding, so as not to let the two people separate because of unnecessary misunderstandings.

4. Deep love period

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After the first three periods, there is a period of deep love that can no longer be separated. For couples in this period, it can be said that there is no obstacle that can separate them.

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But things are not absolute, even two people who are deeply in love may have conflicts because of some things. Couples just need to sit down and have a good talk and let each other understand their feelings.

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In every stage of love, the feeling is different. Sometimes when you feel very happy, you will feel that being with each other is a kind of suffering.

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But if you really get through it, when you reach the period of deep love, you will find that being with each other is a great happiness.

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