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2y3k » Regularly clean up these 3 kinds of people around you, your life will be better

Regularly clean up these 3 kinds of people around you, your life will be better

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1. People full of negative energy

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Are there any such people around you who have no enthusiasm for life and work, and live like a robot; some people always complain that their colleagues are pig teammates, and their bosses are blind; some people feel useless if their careers don’t improve. If you have such people around you, you must stay away, because those who are close to ink are black and those who are close to Zhu are red, which is what you say.

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So is the world we live in getting better or getting worse? In my opinion, it’s all about whether you see the world with negative energy or with positive energy. So stay away from these people and spend more time with positive people.

2. Stay away from petty and cheap people

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A colleague came to play with me a few days ago. She visited my cloakroom and liked one of the skirts very much. She wore it very well. I could see that she wanted it, so I gave it to her. Then she picked one and said that this one can also be given to me? I said you like it and take it away. These two skirts have not been worn, about a thousand yuan. I didn’t take it to heart at first, but after a few days, this colleague got a pair of sweatpants from the unit. They are very long and fat, and they don’t look good! She said that she bought it for 50 yuan, but she felt that it was not suitable for her, so I will wear it for you. I expressed my dislike very euphemistically. She did not give up and said that her husband should be able to wear it. I said that he might not like it, so you can return it. She may feel that it will cost shipping to return it, so she insisted on letting me stay. I couldn’t shirk it and reluctantly accepted it. She was obviously relieved, and then said something that surprised me: You can send me 50 yuan WeChat. Haha, there are still such people, and from now on, friendship is limited to meeting and nodding.

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People who love to take advantage of small things, whether you are poor or rich, will be dissatisfied at any time, and even harm you for their own purposes. So keep your eyes open, stay away from such people, and find friends worthy of your deep friendship.

3. People with ambiguous relationships

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Today’s ambiguity may be tomorrow’s derailment. The most common office ambiguity, the air in the imagination is wonderful, but hurting others and hurting yourself. If you don’t grasp it well and develop the ambiguity into a relationship, you will definitely hurt each other’s families and children, and finally separate your wife and wife. And the office is also a place where gossip breeds. No matter how secret the ambiguity between you is, it will always be noticed by others, be looked at and discussed, condemned by all parties, and pressure from all aspects will also affect your normal life. If there is a small flame of ambiguity, it will be extinguished immediately. One day you will thank yourself for being cruel to yourself.

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The above 3 kinds of people are as far away from them as possible. We need to learn to truly break away and abandon the garbage relationship with garbage people, and life will become more and more smooth.

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