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TPO Principles of Dressing Etiquette

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TPO is the abbreviation of the three words Time, Place and Occasion. The TPO principle of dressing requires people to refer to three factors: time, place and occasion when dressing.

1. The principle of time

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Time not only refers to the three time periods of morning, middle and evening every day, but also includes the changing seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter every year, as well as different age groups in life. The principle of time requires clothing to consider the time factor and change clothes with “time”.

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For example, when people carry out activities at home or outdoors in the morning, their dress should be convenient and casual, and they can choose sports clothes, casual clothes, and casual clothes. The dress during working hours should be based on the characteristics and nature of the work, and the principle of serving the work and being solemn and generous. At the same time, clothing should also change with the changes of the four seasons of the year, and it is not advisable to be unconventional or break the rules.

2. The principle of location

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Depending on the place, place, and location, the dress should be different. A specific environment should be matched with clothing that is suitable and coordinated with it, so as to obtain a visual and psychological harmonious beauty. For example, wearing professional formal clothes that are only suitable in a formal work environment for entertainment, shopping, leisure, sightseeing, or wearing jeans, tennis skirts, sportswear, and casual clothes into office and social occasions are all expressions of disharmony with the environment.

3. Occasion principle

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Different occasions have different clothing requirements. Only clothing that is consistent and harmonious with the atmosphere of a specific occasion can produce a harmonious aesthetic effect and achieve the best effect of people and scenery.

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On festive occasions such as festivals or anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, birthdays, gala parties, dances, etc., the clothing can be bright, bright, unrestrained and fashionable. Generally speaking, on formal festive occasions, men’s clothing is suitable for dark colors, monochrome, stripes, and dark squares; on excursions, parties, birthday parties, etc., you can choose brightly colored clothing. No matter what festive occasion, women can choose brightly colored clothing that suits them.

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