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2y3k » How to wear a suit correctly

How to wear a suit correctly

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In more formal occasions, suits are usually the first choice for men in corporate personnel and government personnel. Therefore, it is very important to wear a suit correctly.

1. Remove the trademark

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When buying a new suit, you must first remove the logo from the sleeve.

2. Keep the shape of the suit flat and clean

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Suits are regularly dry-cleaned and ironed flat before wearing. The beauty of a suit is largely due to its stiff, wrinkled “rag suit” will only make others frown.

3. Pay attention to underwear matching

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The standard way of wearing a suit is to wear a shirt directly inside the suit, and do not wear cotton or woolen vests and underwear inside the shirt. It is a taboo to wear a T-shirt inside the suit.

4. Wear a sweater carefully

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After wearing a suit, it is not allowed to wear a sweater in principle. If it is really cold and unbearable in winter, it is only appropriate to wear a thin “V” neck monochrome sweater or cashmere sweater.

5. Do not roll up suit sleeves and trousers

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In formal settings, in any case, do not roll up the trousers of suit pants, or roll up the sleeves of suit tops, so as not to give people a vulgar feeling.

6. Fasten your suit buttons correctly

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Whether the buttons of the suit can be fastened correctly directly reflects the degree of grasp of the dress etiquette of the suit.

  • (1) Single-row two-button suit, all buttons are not buckled to indicate casual and relaxed; buckle one grain above to indicate solemnity; full buckle to indicate ignorance.
  • (2) Single-row three-button suit, all buttons are not buckled to indicate casual and relaxed; only one button in the middle indicates authentic; two buttons on the top indicate solemnity; all buttons indicate ignorance.
  • (3) The double-breasted suit can be fully buckled, or only one grain on it can be buckled, which means it is relaxed and fashionable, but it must be buckled.
  • (4) When getting up and standing, the buttons of the suit jacket should be fastened to show solemnity.
  • (5) After taking a seat, the buttons of the suit jacket should be unbuttoned to prevent it from being out of shape.

7. Use the pockets of your suit

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The pocket of the suit has more decorative effect than practical value, so it cannot make the pocket appear bulging and make the overall appearance of the suit out of shape.

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