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How professional women wear dresses

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Wearing a skirt emphasizes the effect after dressing. Standardized dressing can show the charm and charm of professional women, and can add style to yourself. On the contrary, it may not only arouse the ridicule of others, but also appear rude.

1. Moderate length

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The long dress looks elegant, free and easy, elegant and beautiful; the short dress looks simple, lively and full of vitality. The end of the jacket can be waist-length, but it cannot be longer. Be careful not to expose your waist or belly when wearing it, otherwise it will be very unsightly.

2. The buckle is in place

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The buttons of the shirt must be in place, so as to show the dignity and elegance of women. No matter how busy or hot it is, you are not allowed to unbutton the buttons, otherwise you will seriously lack a sense of solemnity.

3. Wear a petticoat

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When wearing a suit skirt, most of you should wear a petticoat, especially when wearing a skirt of thin fabrics such as silk, linen, and cotton, you must wear a petticoat that is coordinated with the outer skirt, so as to avoid the appearance of the underwear and lose its elegance.

4. Put on your shirt and underwear

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It is necessary to wear a suitable shirt inside the suit. The neckline and cuffs of the shirt must be clean, otherwise it will not only affect the image, but also lose your identity.

5. Match shoes and socks

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Skirts are generally matched with black high-heeled or semi-high-heeled leather shoes, flesh-colored high-heeled or teddy stockings. It is not suitable to wear low tube socks and middle tube socks. At the same time, the bottom of the skirt should not expose the socks, so as not to destroy the beauty of the legs.

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