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2y3k » How to ask questions in the right way

How to ask questions in the right way

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How to ask questions in the right way?

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Asking questions is a common problem in daily conversation, but not everyone asks questions appropriately. A good question can not only get a positive answer from others, but also often enables the questioner to take the initiative in the conversation, thereby guiding the conversation in a direction that is beneficial to him.

1. Restrictive questions

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This is a very purposeful questioning method, that is, to limit the scope of the question asked. It helps the questioner get a better answer and reduces the chance of the questioner refusing to answer.

2. Selective Questions

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This way of asking questions is mostly used between friends, showing that both parties don’t care how to choose.

3. Negotiated Questions

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If you want others to do what you intend, you can ask questions in a negotiated tone.

4. Polite Questions

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In order to avoid the embarrassing situation caused by the other party’s refusal to answer, you can ask questions politely.

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In daily communication, some questions should not be asked at will, otherwise it will cause misunderstandings and suspicions from others. For example, ask how much money others have, ask the age of women, ask others about their family background, ask others about their work secrets, and so on.

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